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Telegram is owned by the Russian brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov, previously known as the founders of the Russian Facebook counterpart VKontakte. After the Kremlin began tightening control of Internet services in Russia and Pavel Durov was forced to leave the country, the brothers developed Telegram. The WhatsApp alternative has further developed the technology of the messenger app: This is Telegram cloud based, which means that users can easily access their Telegram content on various mobile devices as well as on their computer. In addition, you can endless amounts of files to ship. With WhatsApp, on the other hand, the amount of files received and sent is limited by the capacity of the end device - usually the smartphone.

Telegram distinguishes itself above all as a secure app. The developers offer two different ones Types of encryption to: There is one for all private and group chats Server-client encryption, which encrypts the messages on the way from the sender to the server and from the server to the recipient. Telegram itself has access to the content of the chats on the server and could theoretically pass them on. In the so-called Secret chats comes one End-to-end encryption that only sender and recipient can read the messages. Telegram itself has no access to this content, so it cannot be passed on to other companies or security services either voluntarily or by force.

Messages that are sent with end-to-end encryption are with Telegram not cloud based and can therefore only be accessed on the device on which they were sent or received. In addition, there is a setting in the Secret Chats that causes the messages to disappear after a certain period of time destroy yourself. They cannot be copied out of chats or forwarded, and if a sender removes a message, it disappears on the recipient's device as well.

In this context it is important to mention that Whatsapp in the current version a End-to-end encryption for all messages used. Since this type of encryption is not possible with cloud-based content, Telegram is going for greater ease of use Compromise on data protection a. Many users who switched to Telegram will not have done so primarily because of the type of encryption, but because Telegram is not owned by Facebook.

But even with Telegram there is no guarantee that the company will always stick to the same data protection guidelines or that it will never be sold. It is not for nothing that there are many concerns about intransparent corporate structure the WhatsApp alternative. Users for whom data protection is more important than convenience should therefore look for another alternative to WhatsApp.

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