How could we expand the solar corona?


Werner Fischer would like to buy a photovoltaic system. Since the remuneration for the fed-in PV electricity is falling continuously and Mr Fischer wants to achieve the highest possible degree of self-sufficiency, he decided to use a battery storage system in addition to the PV system.

A friend tells him about the first all-in-one lease model from the company sonnen. He is requesting more information on “sonnenNow” - the all-round carefree package consisting of a PV system, battery storage and residual power contract on the sonnen homepage. Two days later, the sonnenNow experts contacted Mr. Fischer by phone and email. After intensive discussions and a precisely worked out, virtual survey of the PV system, he is convinced of the complete offer and thus becomes an active part of the energy transition. He commissions sonnen online and pays the project fee of € 499 in advance. A certified sonnen specialist company will then contact Mr. Fischer and arrange an on-site appointment.

The sonnen specialist partner now measures the roof and plans the system down to the smallest detail in consultation with Mr. Fischer. The final project report is then created and the order confirmation is sent. Mr Fischer now has 14 days to revoke the contract if necessary. Shortly before the installation, an amount of € 500 is due for the integration of the system into the sonnen virtual power plant and the service that sonnen takes on for Mr. Fischer in the planning and installation phases. After the system was installed with little effort for Mr. Fischer, he enjoys a high-quality PV system including battery storage from the market leader and is now generating his own solar power for his home.

Using the sonnenApp, Mr. Fischer can transparently track the generation, consumption and storage of solar power at any time. By adapting consumption to generation, Mr. Fischer can even increase the degree of self-sufficiency again, has made himself independent of potential increases in electricity prices and saves money. In addition, he shares his surplus solar power, which he has not used or stored himself, with the sonnenCommunity and in return receives an annual amount of free electricity. He gets this free of charge from the community if, for example, the sun doesn't shine on site and the battery storage cannot provide enough energy. Through the connection to the virtual power plant from sonnen, Mr. Fischer even provides system services for the German electricity grid and thus contributes to the integration of renewable energies into the electricity system.

With the service contract with sonnen, Mr. Fischer also protects himself against the technical risk. Maintenance and repair will be carried out by sonnen for the entire term of the contract.

Mr. Fischer is proud to make a contribution to the energy transition and benefits himself with his self-produced, clean solar power for the supply of his own home.