How to Get Mobile App Marketing

Which app is right for my company?

From a marketing perspective, mobile apps can be just as effective as free giveaways. But just like give-aways, apps quickly end up on the virtual garbage. In view of the oversupply of applications that a smartphone user is now confronted with, this happens not infrequently.

Potential users are comparable to coveted employers, whose doors have huge numbers of applicants queuing up, stepping on each other's feet and soliciting attention. If an applicant shows the slightest weakness, the next one immediately takes his place, beaming with joy. It's similar with mobile apps. What does not work properly, is too slow or simply not appealing enough is exchanged for a better alternative. But there are a few factors that influence whether an app will be successful or not. I will introduce these to you below.

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Which app selection do I have?

There are different "app genres" that would be suitable for marketing apps. Entertaining apps are just as conceivable as informative ones that display traffic jam reports or emergency numbers, for example. There are also apps that are just as nonsensical as they are successful. For example, CocaCola has developed the successful “Spin the Coke” app, with which users can virtually play spin the bottle with a Coke bottle. The success of the respective app depends to a large extent on its target group and their needs. So your first step should be to analyze these:

  • Who is my target group?
  • What are their special characteristics and needs?
  • What is she most likely to respond to?
  • What kind of apps could she still be missing?

On the basis of this analysis, you have to decide which app your target group would find useful or an enrichment in some other respect. Does your target group consist of teenage hedonists? This is probably not waiting for an app that shows you the 10 most important emergency numbers. For example, she would rather respond to a playful pastime. If, on the other hand, your target group is in their 50s and very health-conscious, completely different apps make sense.

In addition, of course, your app has to fit your company. As a fashion company, for example, it makes little sense to publish an application that can monitor the 10 most active volcanoes on earth.

Figure 1: Nowadays there is a separate application for every need

Success factors in creating a mobile marketing app

In the following, I have put together some factors for you that you should consider in order for your mobile marketing app to stand out and be viewed by potential users as a desirable addition:

user friendliness

Regarding user friendliness, regardless of the target group, you should make sure to combine usability and practicality. Your app should therefore serve a specific purpose, which it fulfills with a user-friendly design. This also means that the app is not overloaded with too many additional functions. That quickly seems confusing. You don't have to create the egg-laying woolly milk pig in app form. It is enough if you serve a niche.

Before launching your app, make sure it has been adequately tested. Even the smallest bugs can mean that the new user immediately deletes the app and replaces it with another model.

added value

In the best case scenario, the app offers its users something that they would otherwise miss. It has to offer added value. This can be a nice-to-have like the Spinning Coke or a must-have like a listing of the best dentists in the area. Which category the application ultimately falls into depends on the target group.

Target group combination

This point is so important that I repeat it here. Only when you know who your target group is and what they want are all further considerations on the subject of mobile marketing apps.


In order for your application to be accessible to as many members of your target group as possible, it should run on the broadest range of operating systems. This includes iOS and Android and possibly Windows Phone.

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With the right app for more customer loyalty

A mobile marketing app can be a good way to increase customer loyalty. That is the case if they

  • Is user friendly
  • Represents added value for users
  • Is tailored to the target group
  • Runs on as many common mobile devices as possible.

If users do not accept the application because it does not meet these criteria, the Mobile Marketing App project was complex, but not very profitable.

Tobias Schiessl

My name is Tobias Schießl and I am an enthusiastic SAP consultant in the field of mobility. I would be happy to support you with the topics of mobile infrastructures and app development with SAPUI5 or Neptune.