Who needs GST registration

Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST)

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Amazon is supposed to calculate the GST of Australian sellers for distance sales

The Australian government has introduced new legislation requiring overseas distance selling companies like Amazon to collect the GST for these services from Australian sellers. Please note that this rule only applies to sellers who are not registered for the GST. The new rule comes into force on July 1, 2017.

If you are registered as an Australian seller for the GST, you will need to provide Amazon with your Australian Business Number (ABN) by June 30, 2017 to confirm this. GST registered sellers will not be charged a 10% GST tax on their fees for selling on Amazon.

To provide your ABN to Amazon:

  1. Go to Seller Central Settings and click on Seller account information.
  2. Under Tax Information, click VAT ID no..
  3. click on Add a VAT number.
  4. Select Country from the drop-down menu Australia out.
  5. Enter your Australian Business Number (ABN).
  6. click on I have read the terms and conditions and I agree to the tax return agreement.
  7. click on to save.
Annotation: When you click Add VAT Number, you agree to the tax filing agreement.

If you are an Australian seller who is not GST registered in Australia, the new rule requires Amazon to tax Amazon sales fees at a standard 10% tax rate using the Australian GST.

Please also visit the Australian GST Tax page for more information. For information on how this regulation will affect your Amazon seller account, please visit the Australian Tax Authorities website.

How does this affect my seller account?

If you are an Australian resident, you must pay Australian GST tax in addition to Amazon sales fees. However, if you are GST registered and have sent the Australian Business Number (ABN) to Amazon to confirm this, you do not have to pay these fees.

How do I get an Australian Business Number?

You can register online for an Australian Business Number (ABN). Please note that unless you are GST registered in Australia and have provided us with the ABN, we will charge you the GST. For more information, please visit the Australian Tax Authorities website and apply for an ABN.

I am not based in Australia. Will Amazon charge Australian GST taxes to my account?

If you are not a resident of Australia, your sales fees will not be subject to Australian GST tax and will not be charged to your seller account. Contact your tax advisor who can help you find out if you have GST tax obligations in Australia.

How is the Australian GST calculated?

Amazon charges a standard 10% tax rate on Amazon sales fees for any Australian seller who does not have a valid Australian GST number.

Amazon will begin calculating and collecting Australian GST taxes on July 1, 2017.

Why is Amazon still charging me for Australian GST tax even though I have provided a valid Australian Business Number?

Amazon will not calculate and collect Australian GST tax if you have submitted an Australian Business Number as confirmation of GST registration in Australia.

However, due to timing reasons, GST taxes may have been applied to your orders. Amazon calculates Australian GST tax when an order is placed and collects it from the seller's account when the order is shipped. As a result, orders placed before you gave us your Australian Business Number may be charged Australian GST tax.

I updated my details with my current residence, which is outside of Australia. Why is Amazon still charging me the Australian GST tax?

Amazon calculates Australian GST tax at the time of order and charges you when the order is shipped. If, at the time of shipment, the information you provide indicates that you are a resident of Australia, then Australian GST tax will be charged to your seller account. This may have happened if you had pending orders before updating your current address and payment information.

Go to Seller Account Information and read each section carefully to ensure that all of your information is complete and correct.

Please note that several addresses and payment methods can be linked to your seller account.

I am no longer resident in Australia and I have updated all my details and given my current address. Can Amazon refund previously charged Australian GST taxes to my seller account?

Amazon is required to collect and pay Australian GST taxes based on the information in your seller account. At the time the GST tax was calculated and collected, Amazon had sufficient information to relate your account to Australia. Amazon cannot refund Australian GST tax without a valid Australian Business Number.

How do I get a refund for Australian GST taxes previously collected from my seller account?

You can claim a refund for previously billed Australian GST taxes once you have submitted an Australian Business Number to Amazon to confirm GST registration in Australia

To request a refund:

  1. Submit the Australian Business Number to Amazon by completing the process on this page
  2. Contact the Amazon Seller Service using the contact form.
    1. Choose Sell ​​on Amazon out.
    2. click on Other problems and then Questions about sales tax.
    3. Under What are your tax questions? request a refund of the Australian GST taxes that were charged to your seller account.
      Annotation: Australian GST tax refund applications can take up to 90 days to process.
  3. You will receive an update of your case as soon as your application has been processed. The feedback includes the estimated date when you can expect a refund in your seller account if your application is approved.

Will Amazon bill me for any Australian GST tax levied on sales charges?

Amazon is not required to issue VAT invoices under the new Australian legislation. All monthly activities can be found in the reports by period. You can find these reports at Seller Central > Reports > Payments > Reports by period > find and select a transaction report for a specific period.

Can Amazon help me with my tax return?

While we are happy to assist sellers, we cannot provide tax advice or tax filing services. To do this, please contact your tax advisor.