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130th year; October 9, 2020; 41st week Römerstr. 28, 6900 Bregenz Österreichische Post AG Returns to PO Box 555, 1008 Vienna PZ18Z P


1 130th year; October 9, 2020; 41st week Römerstr. 28, 6900 Bregenz Österreichische Post AG Returns to PO Box 555, 1008 Vienna PZ18Z P

2 2 News from the country house Bullying prevention in schools For more than half of all young people, experiences of bullying and violence are a reality at their school. A current study by the child and youth lawyers shows the problem once again. Great worries and insecurities, such as those young people are experiencing at the moment, can encourage a further increase in such forms of violence. These problems are not unknown, since 2018 the child and youth welfare in Vorarlberg has been promoting bullying prevention at local compulsory schools, according to State Councilor Katharina Wiesflecker: The earlier the danger is recognized, the sooner the worst can be prevented. Support for tourism For the further implementation of projects and measures of the Vorarlberg Tourism Strategy 2020, the state government has again approved UR, inform Governor Markus Wallner and Tourism Councilor Christian Gantner. The current corona crisis poses a particularly great challenge for domestic tourism. In this difficult situation, it is all the more important to pull together, confirms Wallner. With a view to the upcoming winter season, everything must be done to create the highest level of security for guests and hosts, adds Gantner. The now approved state funds flow into initiatives and measures in various areas, from quality assurance, employee recruitment, job satisfaction to the tourism training GASCHT, which started in 2017. The aim behind the diverse activities is to further secure and expand Vorarlberg's excellent tourist qualities in terms of hospitality, regionality and sustainability. This requires committed, partnership-based cooperation between all of the actors involved. t is particularly important at the present time not only to deal with the crisis management, but also to prepare for the future, explains State Councilor Gantner. Attractive rail offer For the expansion of the isenbahn line between Lauterach and Lustenau, the state government has approved a further partial payment of almost one million UR, state governor Markus Wallner and mobility councilor Johannes Rauch inform. The more attractive the rail offer, the easier it is to switch to this environmentally friendly mobility alternative, Wallner and Rauch justify the substantial investments. The project is currently being expanded and should be finished by the end of 2022. News from the Landhaus Modern, barrier-free train stations and stops, an efficient rail network, comfortable trains, high cycle rates and intelligently linked mobility offers are central prerequisites for the train to be well received by people. Investing in an efficient rail network benefits the population and Vorarlberg's economy equally, states Governor Wallner: The mobility issue decides the quality of life and location in the entire region. He also reminds of the jobs and the added value that are linked to the major project. The expansion of the Lauterach-St. For Landesrat Rauch, Margrethen is a central project of Vorarlberg's mobility policy. With the second track from Lauterach to Hard and the newly built barrier-free stations Lauterach-West and Hard-Fußach, the last remaining projects have been tackled, the Mobility Council is pleased to say. With the completion of this route, it will be possible to run an S-Bahn line between St. Margrethen via the Lauteracher Südschleife to Dornbirn, Rauch has announced an attractive expansion of the range of services. Combating illegal gambling The district authorities, with the support of the police and financial police, carried out a total of 58 controls in accordance with the Gambling and Betting Acts in the period from the 1st to the 3rd quarter of 2020. The result: two company closures, 31 threatened company closures and 17 confiscated gaming machines. The efforts to combat illegal gambling in the interests of player and youth protection will also be consistently continued during the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic, emphasizes State Security Councilor Christian Gantner. It is important to protect people of all age groups from the dangers of gambling addiction with all its social and economic consequences. Gantner thanks the members of SOKO Glücksspiel as well as the organs of the district authorities, the security executive and the financial police for their great commitment in the fight against illegal gambling.

3 State capital Bregenz At the beginning of July of this year, it was read that the state capital would like to expand its network of public bicycle service points. Such an expansion step, which is also described in the revised pedestrian and bicycle traffic concept, has now been completed. Instead of the previous three, there are now ten such stations along the busy cycle paths in Bregenz. The kiosk at Wocherhafen, Sporthafen, Viktoria-Sportplatz, Bahnhof, Mariahilf Park, Weidach School and Pipeline are new locations. The facilities consist of a bicycle in a small natural paradise This has already been reported about the very first day of the 120 little guests in the new St. Gebhard kindergarten in Bregenz. The focus was not yet on the design of the outside space around the new building, which cost a good six million UR. The work was carried out throughout the summer by the hardworking employees of the city gardening department. Green areas close to nature represent valuable recreational and play areas for adults and children. On this basis, differently designed natural areas such as ecologically valuable flower gravel lawns, borders with various types of wild flowers or all kinds of native woody plants were created on the site. For example, the existing green is supplemented by 15 solitary trees. These include apple and pear trees, lavender, whitebeam, mulberry, sweet cherry, field maple, rock pear and others. The city nursery has also thought of a sustainable green roof, sometimes even with dead wood and small areas of water for birds. Naturally designed open spaces are a paradise for people and animals. The environment of the new kindergarten offers z. B. an extremely valuable habitat for a large number of native birds, insects and small mammals, as they find food and shelter as well as suitable places for nesting and rearing. Caption (Gblatt41a.jpg): The outside area of ​​the new kindergarten is a differently designed, ecologically valuable natural space with trees, bushes, flowers and other things (City of Bregenz). Repairing bicycles on the go State capital holder with various tools, with which simple repairs can be carried out, as well as from a mechanical bicycle pump. 3,700 UR had to be invested per station, a total of around UR. The state capital has been promoting gentle mobility not just since Bregenz has been a member of the e5 network of energy-efficient municipalities. But the goal is quite ambitious: In the next five years, the proportion of pedestrians and cyclists in the total traffic volume is to increase to 54%. It is currently 49%. Caption (Gblatt41b.jpg): one of the seven new bicycle service stations in Bregenz (City of Bregenz). Creatively designed construction site In the coming months in Kirchstrasse in Bregenz there will be a partial closure in the area of ​​the former Uwe s Bierbar. The place is passable on foot. In order to maintain the attractiveness for all pedestrians during the construction phase, Bregenz Tourismus und Stadtmarketing GmbH initiated a special project in cooperation with the artist Isabel Sandner and the client. s is called Bregenz in contrast and consists of an artistically designed tunnel. r takes visitors to the upper part of Kirchstrasse and enables, for example, access to the local restaurants and retailers. Thematically, the pedestrian tunnel sets Bregenz in contrast to well-known world cities. For the initiators and the artist it was and is clear: Vorarlberg's state capital scores with its sights as well as New York, Barcelona and Paris. Against the background of the current Covid-19 pandemic, these metropolises are currently rather difficult to reach. The tunnel is intended to create an incentive to visit Kirchstrasse with its abundance of shops and bars, even during the construction phase, which is expected to be in the summer of 2021. Heating cost subsidy 2020/2021 s gives it again, the heating cost subsidy. r this season is 270, UR per household and can be used from 3

4 Municipality information 4 can be requested from the city next Monday, October 12th to February 19th, 2021. All income receipts and an account card are required for the application. Income includes wages, salaries, pensions, rental income, benefits from unemployment and health insurance, as well as housing allowances, maintenance payments of all kinds, childcare allowances and apprenticeship allowances. Community service allowances and basic military wages are also included. People (households) who receive support from the open minimum income / social assistance for livelihood or housing needs must contact the Bregenz district administration directly. Applications for heating subsidies can be submitted in Bregenz in the Bürgerhaus, Belruptstrasse 1, Social and Senior Citizens Office (Monday to Thursday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and until and Friday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.), furthermore, but only until October 31, in District office Schendlingen, Achsiedlungsstraße 43a (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.), as well as online on the city's website under the Lauterach ordinance of the mayor of Lauterach in application of the provisions of 94d of the Road Traffic Regulations 1960 (StVO 1960), Federal Law Gazette No. 159/1960 in the current version (as amended) in connection with the ordinance of the community board of December 18, 2019 on the transfer of tasks from the community board to the mayor (transfer ordinance). Due to construction work, according to 43 para. 1a StVO 1960 idgf on the municipality road Klosterstraße in the area of ​​the property Bundesstraße HNr. 36, in the period from October 2 to October 19, 2020, for a period of two working days: 1. In the area of ​​the workplace a) the drivers of vehicles only have to drive in the direction of travel prescribed by the arrow of the mandatory sign according to 52 Z 15 StVO 1960 to drive in the direction of travel indicated. Due to construction work, according to 43 para. 1a StVO 1960 idgf on the Gemeindestraße Weißenbildstraße in the area of ​​Gst 255/3, in the period from October 2 to October 19, 2020, for a duration of two working days, the following is prescribed: of the place of work a) the drivers of vehicles must only drive in the direction of travel specified by the arrow of the mandatory sign according to 52 Z 15 StVO 1960. b) the drivers of vehicles, if they are driving in the direction indicated by the red arrow in the direction of travel indicated by the red arrow in accordance with the road traffic sign according to 52 Z 5 StVO 1960, to wait for oncoming traffic 3. The regulation is to be made known by affixing the corresponding traffic signs. 4. The traffic signs are in each case immediately after the above. Remove times again. The Mayor Ordinance of the Mayor of Lauterach in application of the provisions of 94c of the Road Traffic Regulations 1960 (StVO 1960), Federal Law Gazette No. 159/1960 in the currently applicable version (iddgf), the ordinance of the Vorarlberg state government on the transferred scope of the Municipality in matters of the road police, LGBl. No. 30/1995 iddgf as well as the 67 Municipal Act, LGBl. No. 40/1985 iddgf. 1. According to 43 para. 1 lit. b Z 2 StVO 1960 in the currently applicable version, priority is given to increasing the ease, fluidity and safety of traffic in relation to the Niederhof municipal road in the area where it joins Schützenweg is newly regulated. Traffic on the Niederhof municipal road must stop before entering the Schützenweg municipal road and give priority to cross-traffic on Schützenweg in accordance with Section 19 (4) StVO 1960. 2. The traffic sign according to 52 Z 24 StVO 1960 Halt must be set up at the following point and a stop line must be marked. a) On the Niederhof municipal road in the area where it joins Schützenweg. 3. The ordinance comes into force when the traffic sign and floor marking are affixed. 4. All ordinances contradicting this ordinance shall expire with the publication of this ordinance. The Mayor Order of worship St. Josefskloster Friday, October 9th 7.15 a.m. hl. Mass Saturday, October 10th 7.15 a.m. hl. Mass o'clock Adoration 4:00 pm Rosary for spiritual professions, followed by Vespers, sung Sunday, October 11th, 28th Sunday in the annual cycle 7.30 am Sunday mass St. Mass in a. o. rite o'clock adoration 5 p.m. Vespers, sung Monday, October 12, 7.15 a.m. hl. Mass Tuesday, October 13th 9 a.m. Mass Wednesday, October 14th Rosary 7pm Evening mass Thursday, October 15th 7.15am hl. Mass followed by prayer for the priests

5 Congregation information Divine service order of St. George Friday, October 9th 6:00 pm Rosary at peace 7:00 pm Evening mass Saturday, October 10th evening mass Sunday, October 11th 7:30 am Mass in the monastery 9:00 am Sunday mass Sunday mass am Youth mass (open to all) Monday, October 12th 6:00 pm Rosary at Peace 7:00 pm Evening Mass Tuesday, October 13th 9:00 am Mass in the monastery 6:00 pm Rosary at Peace Wednesday, October 14th 6:00 pm Rosary at Peace 7:00 pm evening mass Thursday, October 15 6:00 pm Rosary at Peace 7 pm evening mass Friday, October 16, 6 pm Rosary at peace 7 pm evening mass SV Buch Nachwuchs In fantastic weather, our U8 team's tournament took place on Sunday. Our kids in Sulzberg tried to do their best with great motivation, which also worked very well. So two games were won or lost. There was a draw on one of them. You can really congratulate this team, the two defeats were only one goal difference and they got that in the last few seconds. The next tournaments for our youngsters will take place on Saturday, October 10th. The U7 and U8 play in Andelsbuch. After a two-week tournament break for our U7 team, they are really looking forward to the tournament. benso our U8 would like to continue the good performances from the last tournament. The U8 starts at 12 noon and the U7 starts at 2 p.m. We hope to see a large number of spectators cheering on our little stars. Preview: Sunday, October 18, 11 am U7 in Schwarzenberg am U8 in Schwarzenberg SPG book 1c book On Sunday, October 11th, our fighting team will meet their direct neighbors FC Rotenberg 1c. After the 1-1 draw against the table runner-up from Lustenau, another win against the Vorderwälder is expected on home turf. We look forward to numerous fans. Dates at Bildstein October: Fire department residual waste collection Fire extinguisher inspection campaign in the Bildstein fire department on Saturday, October 10th from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. We ask the local population to keep this appointment for the sake of household security! Further information: Divine service regulations Office hours: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Friday, October 9th, 6 p.m. Rosary prayer Saturday, October 10th 8 a.m. Mass celebration Sunday, October 11th, 28th Sunday in the annual circle p.m. Christening ceremony Monday, October 12th 6:00 pm Rosary prayer Tuesday, October 13th 8:00 a.m. Mass 6:00 p.m. Rosary prayer Wednesday, October 14th Matura, pilgrimage 6:00 p.m. Rosary prayer Thursday, October 15 8:00 a.m. Mass 6:00 p.m. Rosary - Devotion, impulses Anna-Maria Ferchl-Blum, musically framed Friday, October 16, 6 p.m. Rosary prayer Saturday, October 17, 8 a.m. Mass celebration 9.30 a.m. Parish pilgrimage Übersaxen Sunday, October 18, 29th Sunday in the annual circle 10 a.m. Uchari celebration with radio broadcast , Bildsteiner Choir Brass Ensemble Information and dates Rosary devotions in October Every Thursday in October there is a rosary devotion at 6 pm. Women with pastoral experience give impulses and helpful suggestions for prayer. The celebration will be framed with a special musical design. The rosary secrets are introduced with helpful thoughts and linked to timely concerns. Information on the impulses and contributors under 5

6 Congregation Information October: Thanksgiving The local farm team will decorate the church. The Schwende choir from gg will be involved musically. Everyone is invited to bring their own baskets. This should be a thank you for the rich harvest of the year. October 18, 10 am: World Mission Sunday and Radio Fair We celebrate World Mission Sunday, with a collection for targeted mission projects; Sacrificial bags for this will be available or handed out on the Sunday before. St. Mass from the basilica will be broadcast on radio (Ö2) all over Austria and on the internet all over the world on this Sunday. Please come: The Bild Steiner choir with orchestra will organize the festive service.Don't forget: it starts at 10 a.m.! Dates Hard Friday, October 9th 9 a.m. Alma building: flea market for the benefit of social projects, until 5 p.m. Saturday, October 10, 9 a.m. Alma building: flea market for benefit social projects, until 5 p.m. Kammgarn culture workshop: Alex Sutter and Benni Bilgeri, Concert, Sunday, October 11th Senior Citizens Association: Round trip to Carinthia to Lake Ossiacher See, travel time: until October 14th, Tel / o'clock FG community center: Church service 3 p.m. Kammgarn culture workshop: Rötkäppchen reloaded, performance with Herbert and Mimi for children from 4 years of age, Monday, October 12, 8 p.m. Parish center: circle and meditation dances Tuesday, October 13, 9:30 a.m. FG community center: prayer meeting p.m. Parish center: Jass and game afternoons for the senior group Uhr Sozialsprengel, Ankergasse 24: Anonymous alcoholics help for self-help, -mail: Wednesday , 14 October 7 a.m. Schulplatz, former VS Markt: weekly market, until 8.30 a.m., Ankergasse 21: parenting advice, until 11 a.m., Tel. 0664 / p.m. Senior Citizens' Association: bike ride, meeting point: Brück enwaage, Tel. 0664 / Thursday, October 15, 2 p.m. ATSV Freizeitzentrum: Pensioners' Association: Gemütlicher Hock, until 4 p.m., Tel. 0664 / p.m. Galerie.Z: Mysterious Pair of Hands, opening of the Drago Persic exhibition, p.m. Kammgarn culture workshop: Spinning slam; Poetry Slam, Friday, October 16, 9 a.m. Alma building: Flea market in favor of social projects, until 5 p.m. Youth club in & out: OJA Hard: Girls' club until 6 a.m., Tel. 0650 / am ATSV Leisure Center: Naturfreunde Hard: Bowling, Tel. 0699 / Saturday, October 17th Pensioners' Association: Oktoberfest, Tel. 0664 / o'clock Alma building: Flea market in favor of social projects, until 5 p.m. 9.30 a.m. Verein Sozialsprengel: Women's café: life story (s), until o'clock, phone or phone Sunday, October 18, 10 FG community center: Church service with Last Supper 10 a.m. Nature lovers: Hike near Lachen / CH, meeting point: Alpla car park, Tel / 74032 Rheindelta Medical on-call service in Höchst Fußach Gaißau If the family doctor's practice cannot be reached on weekdays, an on-call service is set up for urgent cases. The on-duty practice can be reached from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. via the doctor's emergency number: Tel. 141 at the RFL (rescue and fire brigade control center) or online at Telephone advice on health problems and concerns around the clock / seven days a week. You can find information on this under emergency calls: Fire brigade Tel. 122 Ambulance Tel. 144 Police Tel. 133 Telephone counseling Tel. 142 Seniorenring Lustenau-Rheindelta Our senior citizens' club 50+ is unfortunately not open until further notice due to the current Corona situation. Senior gymnastics with Silvia in the SPZ Rotkreuz, in the Hinterfeldstraße, every Monday from until o'clock. Bring a bath towel. Free trial lesson! The xcourse to the Chocolarium Maestrani in Flawil / SG on Tuesday, October 20th, can take place! Departure with Herburger-Reisen at 1 p.m. from Gasthaus Schäfle in Lustenau. Possibility to get on at the usual

7 municipal information bus stops. Don't forget your mouth and nose protection! A cozy finish in the Salzmann lake restaurant on the Rohrspitz, observing the prescribed intervals. Be careful, wear mouth and nose protection and keep your distance. All information from the leaflet. The chairman and committee wish you good health! Municipal office opening times Due to the increasing Covid-19 numbers, the opening times of the municipal office for party traffic have changed again. Opening times: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. It is also possible to make appointments with employees. The obligation to wear mouth and nose protection, to maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter and the hygiene measures such as hand disinfection and hand washing must continue to be observed. People suspected of having Covid-19 disease are still not allowed to enter the official building. The population is requested to primarily use the digital offers to deal with official business. For all concerns and questions that do not necessarily require a personal interview, we ask you to contact us by email: or Tel / Stay healthy! The Mayor Kulturreferat Höchst Due to the current Covid-19 situation, all events of the Kulturreferat will be canceled until further notice! moods, let's be on the safe side and unfortunately have to cancel the autumn program and hope that we can do gymnastics again under normal conditions in spring 2021. The participants in the spring course, which had to be canceled after 6 units, will be compensated for the 4 hours lost. Please contact Gerhard Böhler in the municipal office, room no. 14. There you will receive the difference in cash. Rheintalische Musikschule Casual dance offer for young people at the Rheintalische Musikschule: Moverstyle and contemporary dance training with Anne From October there will be a new dance offer (from 10 or 14 years) of the Rheintalische Musikschule in Lustenau: Moverstyle and contemporary dance training a mixture of urban, hip hop, Funky, MTV Moves Steps, Pop, RnB and Classic. Casual, intense and wild with today's dance language. Tuesday, until 6 p.m. Moverstyle Kids (10 to 13 years old) Tuesday, until 8 p.m. Moverstyle youngsters (14 to 20 years old) Music school hall, Maria-Theresien-Straße 61, Lustenau 2 hours of training per week at the rate of one hour! For all those interested, there is a free trial opportunity in our music school on October 10th from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Registrations in the secretariat of the Rheintalische Musikschule during office opening times: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m., Monday to Thursday, 2 p.m. The director of the cattle breeding association Due to the current Corona regulations, we unfortunately have to cancel the cattle exhibition this year. Stay healthy. The chairman of the community of Herbstmarkt with lap run on October 10th canceled! VS Unterdorf parent association The VS Unterdorf parent association cordially invites all members and interested parties to the annual general meeting. The meeting will take place on Thursday, October 15th at 7 p.m. in the auditorium of the VS Unterdorf. Orthopedic back school and postural gymnastics autumn canceled! Due to the currently prevailing coronabe gymnastics community, we have decided not to do the lap run. The start should have been made with a mask or in taps. The autumn market has already been canceled, then the hour until the rounds run and the donations are evaluated would have been very boring. An idea was brought up during the conversation. The local aid organizations and the Sunflower Association also have to do their work at Corona and would certainly be happy to receive voluntary donations. If clubs and sponsors decide to donate without running, then we would be very happy. Dornbirner Sparkasse IBAN: AT Thank you! 7th

8 Community information 8 ÖAMTC cyclists club Mazda Hagspiel Artistic bike and bike ball: UCI annual winners come from RC Höchst in signs of life from indoor cycling in Corona times. The UCI annual ranking lists 2019 were finally published. The excellent performance of our athletes is gratifying. The last joint cycling award with victory in the UCI annual ranking 2019 goes to Höchst 1 with Patrick Schnetzer and Markus Bröll. They played for the RC Mazda Hagspiel Höchst for the entire 2019 season. The climax and conclusion were the world championship title and the overall World Cup victory. With the resignation of Markus Bröll, Patrick Schnetzer moved to RV Dornbirn. Our highest bike ballers have won all UCI annual rankings since 2013. In the 1er women Lorena Schneider from ÖAMTC RC Mazda Hagspiel Höchst took first place with 525 points. Athletes from Germany and Switzerland follow in the places. The 2-series open with Marcel Schnetzer and Katharina Kühne, who also started for the RC Höchst, won their class, as did the 2-series women with Svenja Bachmann / Rosa Kopf from the ÖAMTC RV nzian Sulz. Further placements can be found in the 4 Open on 13th place and in the 1 Men by Christopher Schobel (3rd) and Marcel Schnetzer (6th), all also from Höchst. The winner in the men’s category was the currently best artificial cyclist Lukas Kohl from Germany. In artificial cycling, Lorena Schneider's placement after Adriana Mathis's 2018 ranking victory (she has retired from active sport) is another top result for the Vorarlberg artistic cycling elite. UCI annual ranking 2019 (placements of the Ländle athletes) bike ball 1st place: Patrick Schnetzer / Markus Bröll, 370 points, RC Mazda Hagspiel Höchst Kunstrad 1er women 1st place: Lorena Schneider, 525 points, RC Mazda Hagspiel Höchst Kunstrad 1er men 3. 1st place: Christopher Schobel, 350 points, RC Mazda Hagspiel Höchst 6th place: Marcel Schnetzer, 240 points, RC Mazda Hagspiel Höchst Kunstrad 2er open 1st place: Marcel Schnetzer / Katharina Kühne, RC Mazda Hagspiel Höchst Kunstrad 4er open 13th place: Leonie Huber, Lea Schneider, Lukas Schneider, Julia Wetzel, RC Mazda Hagspiel Höchst Blum FC Höchst 1921 Despite a lot of play in the last home game against FC Lustenau, our team was unfortunately unable to reward itself for the performance they had performed. Just a few seconds after kick-off, FC Lustenau took a 0-1 lead. Afterwards, our ins won a nice offensive action, but Julius Keck fails because of the man behind the Lustenauer. The guests use their second big chance and increase to 0: 2 in the 35th minute of the game. Even if the answer to this goal is not long in coming and Dennis Alibabic shortens it to 1: 2 in the 36th minute, another goal for the black and yellow squad is unfortunately not available. Nonetheless, all eyes are now on Friday, we will be guests at table 10 in Bezau at 7 p.m. Our 1b stayed without a game this weekend, but will play away against SPG Mellau 1b on Saturday at 4 p.m. Preview: Sunday, October 11: 1 p.m. U10A: FC Höchst FC Lauterach A 1 p.m. U12C: FC Höchst Hofsteig a.m. U12: FC Höchst A SCR Altach a.m. U12: FC Höchst B SC Fußach 4 p.m. U18: FC Höchst SPG Bregenz Church service rules Friday , October 9th 7 a.m. Rosary in the Josefskapelle 7.45am mass in the Josefskapelle Saturday, October 10th 7pm Sunday evening mass in the parish church in Höchst Sunday, October 11th 28th Sunday of the year 8.45am Sunday mass in the parish church Monday, October 12th 7.45am Rosary in the parish church Tuesday, October 13, 7.45 a.m. Rosary in the parish church Wednesday, October 14, 7.45 a.m. Rosary in the parish church 7 p.m. Evening mass in the Josefskapelle 8 p.m. Bible discussion with Christa Rose and Pastor Willi Schwärzler on the subject of couples in the 1st Testament in the meditation room of the Höchst parish center, 1st floor (side entrance) Thursday, October 15, 7.45 a.m. Rosary in the Josefskapelle 8.15 a.m. to 9 a.m. Adoration in the Josefskapelle 4 p.m. Mass in the Josefskapelle until o'clock The pastor's office hours in the Höchst parish center, 2nd floor (side entrance) Friday, October 16, 7:00 a.m. Rosary in the Josefskapelle 7.45 a.m. Mass in the Josefskapelle Saturday, October 17, 7:00 p.m. Sunday evening mass in the Gaißau monastery chapel Sunday, October 18 Sunday of the Universal Church 8.45 a.m. Celebration of the Word of God with Herbert Huber, with the possibility of receiving communion, musical design Phonic, followed by sale of chocolate pralines for the benefit of the Missio campaign (at a price of 2.90 UR / pack).

9 Community information rntedank celebrate in a different way. Donations in kind in favor of Tischlein-deck-dich Vorarlberg in October: People in emergency situations are particularly short of detergents, hygiene and toiletries. Donations in kind such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower gel, soap, children's diapers, detergents of all kinds are welcome to deposit in the shopping cart in the parish church until October 31st (please only donate unopened items). The car is emptied regularly, the goods are collected and handed over to the Tischlein-deck-dich association in October. Many thanks in advance for any support! Parish office opening times: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., Tuesday from 6 p.m. to p.m. Tel / 75417, -mail: to the Värabach. We continued uphill towards our destination, the Gafalljoch on the Swiss border, where we took our lunch break. In the sunshine we enjoyed the panoramic view of the Swiss mountains with Girenspitz and Höchstelli, on the Vorarlberg side Roßberg, Kirchlispitzen, Kanzelköpf and Seekopf. We went back down to the lake on the same path. Via the Lünerseealpe and the path along the west bank, we got back to the Douglasshütte at the mountain station. At the end we stopped for a snack in the Schattenlagant hut under the valley station. Thanks to our organizer Gerhard Paterno who prepared us well and guided us safely. Garden waste Fussach Please keep our community clean Especially in autumn some of the citizens do not know where they can / should deposit the remains of the green cuttings (branches, lawn waste, hedges ...). Trench areas are certainly not the ideal place here. Here, the retention area and the secure drainage of rainwater are lost. Burning green waste is also not permitted. Violations can result in an administrative penalty. The solution for this is the Fußacher green waste collection point (below the old sports field), which is open every Friday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. until Saturday, November 28 (winter break from December to mid-April 2021) . Delivery amount is max. 1 m 3 / day. The public holidays are of course excluded, the collection point remains closed here. Every Fußacher citizen and Schänzler is free to take care of the free disposal at the ASZ Königswiesen. However, an ASZ card is required here, which must always be carried with you. The application is in the municipal office and on the homepage: on. Any incorrect information or other misuse constitutes a fraud and will be reported! In this context, we would like to point out that no bulky waste is accepted at the green waste collection point. This can also be handed in at the ASZ. Our church can only stay clean if everyone does their part. The mayor's finissage will be so easy for me We cordially invite you to the parish church of Fußach on October 18th at 7 p.m. Throughout the summer months, Anna Rubin's kites, also known as wingers, accompanied us in our church. We will end the exhibition with music, dance and beautiful texts. It will be so easy for me. We look forward to seeing you there and ask you to register on our website or by phone on Tel / On behalf of the parish. 1. Badminton Club hike for seniors On September 10th, we drove to the valley station of the Lünerseebahn in a car pool. From the mountain station we then hiked along the east bank of the turquoise blue lake 9

10 Community information 10 On September 26th and 27th the 3rd ÖBV ranking tournament took place in Wiener Neustadt. The best players from Austria played there. 3 of our students were there too. And they did great. U11 inzel: 2nd Moritz Vogel, 5th Moritz Bürger U11 doubles: 2nd Moritz Vogel / Moritz Bürger U13 inzel: 17th Mario Kalb This performance should be rated much higher, as you comply with all Covid-19 measures right from the front door had to. The board of directors warmly congratulates! SC Fußach review championship The SC Fußach showed a very strong performance, especially in the first round, after 27 minutes they were leading 3-0, and shortly before the break they even made it 4-0. In the second half, not much changed in the course of the game. With a broad chest it is now in the Bregenzerwald, where the table runner-up from gg is waiting on Saturday. Results: SC Fußach SV Ludesch 4: 0 (4: 0) goals: Martin Bartolini, Okan Öner, Justin Nägele, igentor The game of the 1b team was canceled due to a corona case at the opponent, on Sunday the top game for first place is now at Dornbirner SV on the program. U16: FNZ Rotachtal SC Fußach 4: 2 (2: 0) U12: SC Fußach VfB Hohenems B 1: 2 (1: 1) Preview: Saturday, October 10, 11 a.m. U16: SC Fußach FNZ Hinterwald, sports facility Müß 4 p.m. FC gg SC Fußach, Junkerau sports field gg Sunday, October 11th, 1b: Dornbirner SV SC Fußach, Haselstauden sports ground, U12: FC Höchst B SC Fußach, Rheinaustadion Höchst Church service regulations Sunday, October 11th, 8am ucharist celebration, 10am rst communion Sunday, October 18th 8 o'clock uchari celebration 10 am uchari celebration in memory of Karl Gugele, Klaus Gugele, Josef Kuster and Ronja Haid Gaissau Wastewater disposal Please note Lately, hygiene articles, textiles such as cleaning rags as well as vegetable and fruit waste have clogged parts of the Gaißau sewerage system. This causes major problems in the operation of the sewer system and the agitator and pumping station. On this occasion, the municipal office in Gaißau once again draws attention to the fact that it is forbidden according to the sewer regulations to dispose of all types of waste in the sewage disposal system, i.e. for example in the kitchen sink or over the toilet.In particular, it is forbidden to bring the following into the sewage disposal system: a) Waste of any kind; this includes in particular used oils (including deep-frying oil), used fats, whey, slaughter blood, liquid manure, liquid manure, solvents, used paints and the like; b) Substances that are suitable for clogging the system, in particular sand, ash, textiles, cat litter, hygiene articles, wood, stones and the like; c) Flammable, explosive and radioactive substances; d) Acids, alkalis and poisonous substances, insofar as these can damage the sewage disposal system or endanger people or the operation of the system; e) Wastewater that spreads harmful vapors or extremely bad smells; f) Wastewater with more than 35 Celsius, provided that it does not occur in households. Textiles (e.g. bandages) or hygiene articles (e.g. sanitary napkins), but also sand, cat litter and fats or oils (e.g. deep-frying oil) cause problems in the sewage disposal system again and again. Waste belongs in the residual waste, oils and fats should be collected in the designated container (oil). Biological waste belongs in the organic garbage bag or on the compost. The community of Gaißau urgently asks that you observe these provisions, not least because individual non-observance leads to high costs for the general public. Garden waste dump The garden waste dump in the building yard area, former sewage treatment plant, Ofenstraße 66 is open on Friday, October 16 from 3pm to 5pm. Shrubs, tree cuttings and other garden waste, up to a maximum of 1 2 m 3, can only be handed in during this period for a fee of 5 UR. The delivery of branch material must be carried out separately from other green waste. Of course, green waste can be delivered to the ASZ-Königswiesen at any time and is free of charge for Gaißau citizens up to 150 kg. connexia parent counseling Unfortunately, the connexia parent counseling center has to remain closed for personal contacts at the moment due to the corona crisis. If you would like further advice over the phone or an online meeting, this is also possible, as is a home visit, which we will arrange with you in an appointment.

11 Community information Personal consultations and home visits by appointment are also possible if required thanks to the protective equipment. Contact details of the parent counselor: Rositta Huber, Tel. 0650 /, lternverein Volksschule Announcement of the annual general meeting of the parent association of the elementary school: Monday, October 12th at 8 p.m. in the media room of the elementary school Agenda: 1. Welcome 2. Approval of the minutes of the annual general meeting Annual report 4. Cash report 5. Report of the auditors 6. Omission of the functionaries 7. New elections of the board of directors 8. Annual fee 9. Important: This year, the annual general meeting will only take place on a small scale due to Covid-19. Kneipp-Aktiv-Club Hiking afternoon on Tuesday, October 13th We walk approx. 2 hours regardless of the weather. We'll meet at Postplatz at 2 p.m. Everyone goes at their own risk. Order of service Sunday, October 11th, Sunday of the Universal Church, Sunday mass in the parish church followed by the sale of chocolate pralines for the benefit of the Missio campaign (at a price of 2.90 UR / pack). Tuesday, October 13th until 7:00 p.m., the pastor's office hours in the parish hall of Gaißau, 1st floor 7:00 p.m. Evening mass in the monastery chapel Thursday, October 15, 7:00 a.m. Mass in the monastery chapel Saturday, October 17, 7:00 p.m. Sunday evening mass in the Gaißau monastery chapel Sunday, October 18. October 29th Sunday in the annual circle 9.30 a.m. Ceremonial first communion, musical arrangement Gaißau church choir 11 am Ceremonial first communion, musical arrangement Gaißau church choir The first communicants are accompanied to both services and back to the cloister courtyard by the Gaißau music association. Thanks to a different way of celebrating the donation campaign in favor of Tischlein-deck-dich Vorarlberg in October: People in emergency situations are particularly lacking in detergents, hygiene and toiletries. Donations in kind such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower gel, soap, children's diapers, detergents of all kinds are welcome to deposit in the shopping cart in the parish church until October 31st (please only donate unopened items). The car is emptied regularly, the goods are collected and handed over to the Tischlein-deck-dich association in October. Many thanks in advance for any support! Opening times of the parish office: Friday from 3 pm to 4 pm Free legal advice. Legal advice on marriage and family law, tenancy law or compensation law with lawyer Mag. Oliver Diez. Wednesday, October 14th, 6 to 7 p.m. in the old school building Garbage appointments in Lochau Hörbranz Friday, October 9th: yellow sack as well as residual and organic waste Thursday, October 15th: waste paper (route 2 and residential facilities) Friday, October 16th: Organic waste The entire supply calendar can be viewed on the market town's website. You can also use an app to call up your personal waste calendar on your mobile phone at any time. More on this at the test campaign for fire extinguishers The test campaign for fire extinguishers planned for this weekend in the Hörbranz fire station was canceled due to the current situation (Corona). The new date will be announced in good time. Bregenzerwald Wälderdoc Who? When? Where? Weekend service, emergency service, general practitioners, pharmacies. The WälderDoc_App would like to help ensure that medical help is available to everyone quickly and easily, especially when it is urgent! Furthermore, all health addresses, especially medical care addresses, are 11

12 community information 12 contacts available. The app can be downloaded from the AppStore or from GooglePlay. Regio informs building law administration 3 years building law administration Bregenzerwald Changes offer the chance for a positive development, which should be used. The building rights administration was founded 3 years ago as an administrative association. We are very pleased that we have succeeded in establishing this cooperation positively in the region. 312 construction procedures have been processed since the beginning of the year. There have been a total of 821 procedures since it was founded. in proceedings it currently takes an average of 48 days from submission to official settlement. The building rights administration team is very committed and endeavors to expand and supplement its area of ​​responsibility. The inclusion of further congregations is also on our agenda. We are convinced that cooperation offers a sustainable advantage for the region. An efficient administration forms the basis for using some of the already scarce resources for important projects. Adult Education Center Bregenz Bregenzerwald / Autumn course program Registration is required for all courses: Tel / 525240, -mail: Courses in October: 20W76005 Kort.X Brain training with movement New; Head: Kathrin Dietrich; Wednesday, October 14, 8 a.m., 8 mornings at 1.2 U each; gg, high school, gym; Contribution: 55, UR; Number of participants: 12 to 15 20W66010 Creative wooden picture frames Head: Roland Bär; Friday, October 16, 8 a.m., 1 morning at 4.8 U; Andelsbuch, Bär family farm, Kalchern 65; Fee: 50, UR, number of participants: maximum 7 20W66012 wall clocks made of wood New; Head: Roland Bär; Friday, October 16, 2 p.m., 1 afternoon at 6 hours; Andelsbuch, Bär family farm, Kalchern 65; Contribution: 58, UR; Number of participants: maximum 7 20W66009 wooden pepper mill Head: Roland Bär; Saturday, October 17, 8 a.m., 1 morning at 4.8 U; Andelsbuch, Bär family farm, Kalchern 65; Contribution: 50, UR; Number of participants: maximum 7 20W76109 introductory family archery course (children from 8 years) Head: Ingrid Fink-Nöckler, state-certified mountain hiking / nature guide and mental sports trainer; Sunday, October 18, 2 p.m., 1 afternoon at 2 U; Riefensberg, archery course; Fee: 22, UR reduced price with family pass 17.50 UR (including rental fee); Number of participants: 12 to 20 20W66035 Knitting socks made easy! Rediscover and experience old handicrafts from the Bregenzerwald Direction: Irmtraud Denz; Thursday, October 22nd, 7 p.m., 5 evenings at 1.8 U each; gg, grammar school, Pfister 925; Contribution: 74, UR; Number of participants: 7 to 10 20W76000 first aid for infants and children - emergencies Head: first aid lecturer; Friday, October 23, 2 p.m., 1 afternoon at 4.8 U; gg, rescue home (training room), Gerbe 1144; Fee: 76, UR reduced with family pass 50, UR; Number of participants: 12 to 18 20W66008 Additional course: Floor lamps made of wood Direction: Roland Bär; Saturday, October 24th, 2pm, 1 afternoon at 6h; Andelsbuch, Bär family farm, Kalchern 65; Contribution: 58, UR; Number of participants: a maximum of 7 courses in November: 20W76501 Additional course: Boiling natural soaps Herbal soaps Leader: Karin Beer; Wednesday, November 4th, p.m., 1 evening at 3 U; Schoppernau, Karin House, Halde 395; Contribution: 26, UR, material costs including script: 29, UR; Number of participants: 8 to 12 20W76048 Homeopathy for the whole family Focus on acute illnesses in children New; Head: Mag. Waltraud berle; Thursday, November 5th, 7 p.m., 1 evening at 3 U; gg, grammar school, Pfister 925; Contribution: 34, UR, material costs (detailed script): 10, UR; Number of participants: 11 to 20 20W66047 Charcoal and watercolor workshop for beginners and slightly advanced Leaders: Ulrike Maria Kleber; Saturday, November 7th, 2 p.m., 1 afternoon at 4.6 U; gg, Gymnasium, Pfister 925 drawing room 3-08; Contribution: 43, UR; Number of participants: maximum 8 20W66013 Patchwork technique Table runners and sets made from old damask bed linen New; Head: Martha Niederacher; Saturday, November 7th, p.m., 1 afternoon at 5.4 U; Krumbach, textile workshop, Glatz 67; Contribution: 47, UR; Number of participants: maximum 8 Angelika Kauffmann Museum Schwarzenberg: This year our museum is still open until Saturday, October 31st before we take a winter break until spring. In the modern exhibition space, the exhibition can do the best. can be viewed in view of the collection. The approximately fifty works on display by and after Angelika Kauffmann (1741 to 1807) span all genres and creative periods from the early work of the celebrated child prodigy, to mythological scenes and allegories, to the masterful portrait of an English noblewoman from the London era and which was only a few years old High altar painting for the Schwarzenberg parish church completed before her death. Another highlight of the exhibition is the artist's last self-portrait from 1802, which was acquired two years ago together with the vorarlberg museum. The paintings, drawings and prints as well as porcelain with motifs after Angelika Kauffmann have come into the possession of the community of Schwarzenberg over decades through acquisitions, bequests, donations and donations. In their entirety, they form a collection that need not fear comparison with other Kauffmann collections.

13 Community information In the historical part of the more than 450-year-old Bregenzerwald house is the regional exhibition Who owns the Bödele? Understanding a cultural landscape is shown in the premises of the local history museum. The Bödele is the local recreation area of ​​the city of Dornbirn. But it belongs to the community of Schwarzenberg. In 1901/02 the Dornbirn manufacturer Otto Hämmerle acquired land and mountain huts from Schwarzenberg farmers and invented the tourist destination Bödele. r had the huts converted into holiday homes, built a luxury hotel and a model farm. In general, contrasts seem to shape the Bödele. Negotiating the different interests is exciting, then as it is today: Conflicts and contradictions sometimes result in something completely new, something that is specific to this cultural landscape alone. The Bödele is like a magnifying glass that bundles social and historical change. This is shown by the exhibitions in the Dornbirn City Museum and the Angelika Kauffmann Museum Schwarzenberg. Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Public tours through the Angelika Kauffmann exhibition every Tuesday at a.m. and Sunday at a.m. Registration required under Tel / 26455 or email: Information under We look forward to your visit! Kneipp-Aktiv-Club Andelsbuch Reading with Toni Innauer on October 21st at 8pm in the Andelsbuch town hall hall Die 12 Tiroler, is the name of the new book by Toni Innauer. A series of exercises named after animals and a handy pocket program for young and old gives the name. In addition, the book is a plea for the body as the bearer of our identity and a statement against the progressive loss of movement in the digitized society. Musical accompaniment with Isabella Fink and Markus Drissner. 9, UR for members / 17, UR for non-members Advance ticket sales in all Raiffeisen banks and savings banks and at events in compliance with the Covid-19 regulations. Mouth and nose protection required upon admission. We look forward to you. ARG Celiac Disease Gluten Free Happy Simple, quick and everyday recipes Saturday, October 10th, 2pm to approx., School kitchen of the NMS Lingenau, Hof 269 Baking is known to be an art, but gluten-free baking is an art in itself! The course instructor Nina Wild is a passionate hobby baker who has dealt with gluten-free cooking and baking even in the family with celiac disease. With this afternoon she would like to make it easier for other sufferers to get started with gluten-free baking. In the school kitchen, we bake our way through everything that needs to be baked: savory and sweet delicacies. After the work is done, what has been baked together is tasted in a relaxed atmosphere. Bring: Container for home transport Costs per person: 45, UR members of the ARG Celiac Disease, 25, UR for children under 14 years of age (accompanied by an adult), 60, UR for non-members The fee is to be paid directly at the beginning of the course. Limited number of participants. Binding registration with Nina Wild under -mail: FamilienVerband Lingenau rste help practical training Everyone can help! For elementary and middle school students October 16 from 3 to 5 p.m., Lingenau cultural area How do you make an emergency call correctly? What to do if someone can no longer breathe or has torn a star on their bike and is bleeding profusely? In everyday life, children and young people can also find themselves in a situation where their help is needed. This practical training is intended to teach elementary and middle school pupils in an age-appropriate manner how to provide first aid to others in medical emergencies. The advisor for the Red Cross, Silvana Bellanti, explains to the children and young people what to do in different situations and places the emphasis on practicing. Course costs: 20, UR for members, 30, UR for non-members. Registration until October 12 at -mail: UNIkumm lecture Dr. Klaus Pfeifer, a native of Ger, will speak about dendrochronology, which is a dating method for wood. The lecture takes a look at the possible applications in archeology, building research and natural science. It starts on October 16 at the Andelsbuch clubhouse (by the fire brigade). When entering the club house, keep your distance and wear mouth and nose protection! The board is looking forward to numerous interested visitors. Culture in the present Wolfgang Verocai On Saturday, October 10th at 8 pm, a musical evening will take place in the Langenegg village hall with the Vorarlberg singer-songwriter Wolfgang Verocai. The audience can look forward to an evening with lots of funny stories, songs by his role models and of course with his own most beautiful dialect songs. Due to the new Covid measures, the number of visitors allowed is very modest. If you want to be at the vent, you can visit the Langenegg municipal office for an 13

14 Community information 14 Pick up a ticket with an assigned seat. As it is an event of Aktion Kultur im Now and is supported by the state of Vorarlberg, the tickets are provided free of charge. Let's give the artist a chance to play in front of an audience again and thus support the cultural scene in the state. Association Wälder Gitarröfreunde Guitar workshop instieg in the melody-picking with fingerstyle and guitar concert Crossing Strings in gg On October 10th and October 11th there will be a guitar workshop for amateur guitar players on the acoustic guitar with the well-known fingerstyle specialist Markus Schlesinger . The guitar duo Crossing Strings Markus Schlesinger / Carina Linder (for course participants free entry, other visitors 10, UR) will give a concert in the Arche with theoretical content theory for (hobby) guitar players in simple melody play Basic plucking pattern on the guitar Combining melody and picking (fingerstyle) The accompaniment guitar as drums Simple beat patterns and melody playing for flamenco guitar Desired previous knowledge Mastering the open basic chords Reading simple guitar tablature (no knowledge of sheet music required) Interest in fingerstyle workshop Saturday , October 10, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.: Live concert Crossing Strings Markus Schlesinger / Carina Linder (free entry for course participants, other visitors 10, UR) Sunday, October 11, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Bring with you: acoustic guitar (steel or nylon strings) without amplifier, music stand, optional guitar stand, tuner and capo Location: Arche gg, Pfarrhof 1 (against via church), for course costs with teaching material flat rate 110, UR registrations and questions about the workshop with Mario Wüschner under -mail: or Tel. 0664 / FNL root day invitation The time to dig roots is coming towards us with great strides. At exactly the right time, we research the healing power of local roots. Saturday, October 17th, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., meeting point: community center in Langenegg Cost: 25, UR. Bring your snack and drink. Registration and information: Marianne Fischer, Tel.0664 /, -mail: Langenegger Krömlemart cancellation Due to the current situation and the further tightening of the measures against the corona pandemic, the decision has been made to cancel this year's Krömlemart. We hope to see you again at the Krömlemart Vorderwald Langen Sulzberg Doren Riefensberg Krumbach Hittisau Sibratsgälle Lingenau Langenegg Star hike Kapf Saturday, October 17th, at the end of the season, regardless of the weather, register by October 16 with Helmut, Franz or Mathias. The time and the meeting point will be announced upon registration. Via ferrata: Helmut Rabanser, Tel. 0664 / Hike: Franz Steinauer, Tel. 0680 / Bike: Mathias Fink, Tel. 0664 / Church service regulations of the Krumbach-Langenegg-Lingenau Parish Association Note! We ask you to look at the church service regulations with reservations, as the latest corona guidelines always apply. Changes and postponements can therefore occur at any time. Please bring nose and mouth protection. We ask for your understanding. Thank you very much. Krumbach Friday, October 9th Dionysius of Paris 8.45 a.m. Mass celebration in the parish church Sunday, October 11th 28th Sunday in the annual circle Confirmation 8.30 am Festive mass with confirmation donation by Bishop Dr. Benno lbs. Musical participation by the Walk Chorus and the Musikverein. The corporate donation can unfortunately only take place as a closed mass, as otherwise we cannot keep the required distance! The planned visitation with the bishop will be postponed indefinitely and will therefore not take place! Additional mass for the parish in the parish church Tuesday, October 13th 8:45 a.m. Rosary prayer in the parish church Friday, October 16, St. Gallus 8:45 a.m. Mass in the parish church Sunday, October 18, 29th Sunday in the annual cycle Sunday of the universal church 8.30 a.m. Mass celebration with missio collection on the world - mission sunday, 1st annual memory for Hilda and rnst Nussbaumer, ngisholz

15 Langenegg Saturday, October 10, eve of the 28th Sunday in the annual cycle: Mass celebration Sunday, October 11th, 28th Sunday in the annual cycle, 10 am Celebration of the Word of God Monday, October 12, 5 pm October rosary in the parish church Tuesday, October 13, 7.30 a.m. Parish Church 5 p.m. October rosary in the parish church Wednesday, October 14th 5 p.m. October rosary in the parish church Thursday, October 15, Saint Theresa of Avila 7 p.m. Rosary prayer for sick and lonely people, Mass celebration in the parish church, 7th annual memorial for Maria Nussbaumer, conduct Saturday , October 17, St. Ignatius of Antioch 4 p.m. Initiation ceremony for the first communion children Sunday, October 18, 29th Sunday in the annual cycle Sunday of the Universal Church 10 a.m. Mass celebration with first communion, accompanied by the music association and co-designed by the school choir, missio collection and sale of products for World Mission Sunday Additional mass celebration for the parish in the parish church, Missio-Sammlung Lingenau Friday, October 9th Dionysius of Paris 8 a.m. Celebration of the Word of God Sunday, October 11th, 28th Sunday in the annual cycle 10 a.m. Mass celebration with anniversary commemorations 2 p.m. Baptism for Valeria Kaufmann p.m. Taizé prayer in the apse Monday, October 12 a October rosary in the apse Wednesday, 14 a.m. October 8 am Mass celebration Thursday, October 15, Theresia von Avila am October rosary in the St. Anna Chapel Friday, October 16 Gallus 8 am celebration of the Word of God Saturday, October 17, eve 29th Sunday in the annual circle pm Mass celebration with Missio collection and sale of Chocolates Sunday, October 18, 29th Sunday in the annual cycle Sunday of the Universal Church 10 a.m. Sunday prayer Kunterbunt church, missio collection and sale of chocolates October rosary in the apse The anniversaries, which are usually held on All Saints' Day and Soul Sunday, have to be on several dates this time be divided. Please contact the parish office during opening hours: Monday, 5 to 7 p.m., Thursday, 8.30 a.m. to read old issues online: Langen FC Ruech Recycling RW Langen Community information preview: Saturday, October 10, 12 noon U13 girls: FNZ Rotachtal FC Nenzing clock 1b: RW Langen Austria Lustenau 4 p.m. RW Langen FC Rotenberg 1b Please observe the statutory corona measures! We are looking forward to your visit! The footballer parish association Langen-Thal-Suzberg invites you to Taizé prayer Stopping together, silence and turning inward offers a counterpoint and we cordially invite you to do so in Taizé prayer. The Taizé prayer is an ecumenical prayer to which people of all denominations are invited. There is a time of silence to pause, find peace, search for God and take with you impulses for life. Instead of singing, we will play the Taizé songs instrumentally. We ask for your own responsibility to observe the applicable Covid-19 regulations. Next dates for the Taizé prayer Thursday, October 15; November 19; December 17th at 8 p.m. in the chapel of the Abt-Pfanner-Haus Divine service We ask you to observe the Covid-19 regulation mouth and nose protection. Friday, October 9th, mass in the Fatima-Stollen am Stollen Saturday, October 10th, 11am, christening ceremony for duard Rassi, we congratulate the parents on Sunday, October 11th, 9am, Sunday mass for the parishioners. First communion only for the families of the children . Due to the Covid-19 regulation, we ask for your understanding for this measure! Monday, October 14th, rosary in the chapel in Abbot Pfanner Heim. We cordially invite you to the rosary month of October. Tuesday, October 13th 9:00 am Mass in Abbot Pfanner Heim Friday, October 15th 8:00 pm Taize prayer in the chapel of Abbot Pfanner Heim Saturday, October 17th 8:00 am Mass in the Hirschbergsau Chapel 11 am Christening ceremony for Roxana Rädler, we congratulate the parents warmly 15

16 Congregation Information 16 Sunday, October 18th World Mission Sunday Clock Sunday Mass Young people sell fair-trade chocolates Sulzberg Congregational Telegram The weekly communal telegram summarizes the latest news from and other sources in telegram style. Unfortunately, the Kathrinemarkt will be canceled this year. After all known markets and Kirtagevents in the region had already been canceled, Sulzberg is now following suit. The Kathrineblatt 2020 will appear anyway. The focus this year is on apprenticeship training / training opportunities / future opportunities. Furthermore, the joint project Future Teaching Now is presented. You can find memories of Kathrine 20 years ago online at On October 5th, the constituent meeting of the community council took place. Mag. Lukas Schrattenthaler MA was unanimously elected as mayor. Peter Blank, Helene Blank, lmar Fink and Mag. Tobias Wirthensohn were elected as members of the community council. Peter Blank was elected as Vice Mayor. More reports and photos on Seniorenbund 5th hike We are looking forward to the final hike on Tuesday, October 13th / Fluh (P), Pfänderspitze hike: Pfänder Dohle (), Fluh (P) Walking time: total approx. Hours, vertical meters approx. 300, length of the route approx. 8 km meeting point: 1 p.m. Raiffeisen-Bank Sulzberg. s car pools are formed. The hike only takes place in good weather. The participants take part in the hike at their own risk! We look forward to your hike with us. Registration by Monday, October 12th, 6 pm with Gerhard Nußbaumer, Tel. 0664 / connexia lternberatung The connexia lternberatung continues to offer information and advice to parents with children up to four years of age. In addition to counseling over the phone, there is again the possibility of counseling at the parent counseling center in Sulzberg on Monday, October 12th, but only by prior appointment due to the currently necessary protective measures. To make an appointment, please contact our parenting advisor Brigitte Bereuter directly on Tel. 0664 / Please note the safety precautions that apply to the parenting advice center: If you do not feel healthy, please do not keep the appointment. Wear a protective mask (available from the parent counseling center if required). Keep your distance. Wash your hands regularly. We are still happy to answer your questions by phone. FC Sport Haschko Sulzberg 6 points in the Alpenstadion The top team sent Koblach back home with 4: 1 and it was absolutely deserved! After just 9 minutes, the goal anthem can be heard for the first time in the Alpenstadion. It was li Baldauf who completed a beautifully played combination to make it 1-0. The guys around captain Stefan ienbach kept pushing the pace and it was he himself who also scored the 2-0. in a more than questionable meter for our guests brought the connection goal, but that didn't shake us. Before the break, we made it 4-1, the goal scorers were Stefan ienbach and Yannick Alber. Our 1b is also back on the road to victory. Maxi Baldauf made it 1-0 with a remarkable goal. in Schnitzer our back team then brings the guests the interim equalizing hit. In a double strike from Tobias Buhmann, the team around Coach gon Vögel cheered again in the second half. Within 3 minutes, Bummsi sets it to 3: 1, which is also the change result. It continues next Saturday at the away game in Lauterach. The kick-off is at 7 p.m. Order of service Friday, October 9th 8 a.m. Mass celebration in the church 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Adoration in the chapel of the retirement home Sunday, October 11th 9:30 a.m. Sunday mass, we celebrate with the couples who are celebrating a big anniversary this year, the youth choir sings, please change the time Note 2 p.m. Christening ceremony for Johann Mennel, we congratulate the parents on the Rosenkranz in the chapels Falz and Hermannsberg Tuesday, October 13th 12 noon, we cordially invite you to Wednesday, October 14th 9 a.m. mass in the retirement home Friday, October 16 8 a.m. Mass celebration in the church 3 p.m. Adoration in the chapel of the retirement home Sunday, October 18, World Mission Sunday 8.45 a.m. Sunday mass, young people sell fair trade chocolates, the world shop offers Fairtrade products. Clock rosary in the chapels in Falz and Hermannsberg

17 Congregation Information Divine Service Regulations Thal Sunday, October 11th, 8:45 a.m. Sunday mass Thursday, October 15, a rosary in the Lourdes Chapel Sunday, October 18, World Mission Sunday, 8:45 a.m. Sunday mass, young people sell fair-trade chocolates, we cordially invite a parish council meeting on Tuesday, The next public meeting of the municipal council will take place on October 13th at 8 p.m. in the meeting room of VS Doren. The agenda is posted or visible on the official notice board. The mayor of the library Doren, winner of the library quiz in September Ina Hagspiel, a very hard-working reader, had luck on her side this time. She can look forward to a very special book. The fragrance pharmacy a secret is in the air Several volumes have already been published and have been awarded major prizes. The library team wishes you lots of fun reading. connexia lternberatung The connexia lternberatung continues to offer information and advice to parents with children up to the age of four. In addition to telephone advice, there is again the possibility of advice at the parenting advice center in Doren, but only by appointment due to the currently necessary protective measures. To make an appointment, please contact our parent counselor Brigitte Bereuter directly on Tel. 0664 / Please note the safety precautions that apply to the parent counseling center: If you do not feel healthy, please do not keep the appointment. Wear a protective mask (available from the parenting advice center if required). Keep your distance. Wash your hands regularly. We are still happy to answer your questions by phone. Contact details: Brigitte Bereuter, Tel. 0664 / Kneipp-Aktiv-Club Cancellation The movement project dancing from mid-life with Melitta Fehr had to be canceled and will therefore not take place in autumn. FC Baldauf Doren Vorderwalderby against second in the table After a passable first half and unused great opportunities, the leaders of the table Großwalsertal earned the victory thanks to the two goal guarantors Hannes Rinderer (13 goals this season) and Jordan Türtscher (11). Our ggenberger-11 with FC Riefensberg is already second in the table next Saturday at 5 p.m. Results: FC Baldauf Doren SPG Großwalsertal 1: 4 (0: 1) goals: Hannes Röthlin or 3x Hannes Rinderer and Jordan Türtscher U11: Rotachtal A Hatlerdorf 0: 6 U13: Rotachtal Nenzing 4: 3 U10: Vorderwald Rotachtal 5:10 U14 : Rotachtal Nüziders 3: 5 U13: Rotachtal Girls Lustenau 13: 3 U11: Rotachtal Austria Lustenau B 0: 0 U16: Rotachtal Fußach 4: 2 U18: Rotachtal Frastanz 2: 2 Preview: Friday, October 9th U10: Rotachtal Dornbirn C , Sulzberg 6 p.m. U14: Satteins / Schlins / Frastanz Rotachtal, Satteins Saturday, October 10, 12 p.m. U13 girls: Rotachtal Nenzing, Langen 1 p.m. U13: Hatlerdorf Rotachtal p.m. U18: Göfis / Satteins / Schlins Rotachtal, Schlins 5 p.m. FC Riefensberg FC Baldauf Doren Sunday, October 11th, U11: SPG Kumma Rotachtal, Mäder, U16: Gaißau Rotachtal Order of service Sunday, October 11th, 8:30 a.m. Sunday mass Wednesday, October 14th, Rosary Friday, October 16th, 8:00 a.m. Mass on Sunday, October 18, 8:30 a.m. Sunday mass, church sacrifices for the world - Riefensberg mission Heating cost subsidy 2020/2021 The heating cost subsidy can be requested from the local authority office between Monday, October 12th and Friday, February 19th, 2021. For more information, see the parish section under all parishes. 17th

18 Community information 18 Blood donation campaign Wednesday, October 21, until 9 p.m., Adler-Saal All healthy women and men over the age of 18 can donate blood. Please bring an official photo ID or your blood donation ID! Please note Covid-19 measures on site. Further information on tel. 0800 / or farmers' wives Fire extinguisher training for all women! Meeting point: October 24th at the fire station. Welcome and short theory in the classroom. At about o'clock departure for the practical exercise with the MTF of the Riefensberg local fire brigade. Registration by October 18th at the latest with: Birgit Schmid, Tel. 0664 / or rika Fink, Tel. 0664 / The course fee of 10, UR is entirely for the benefit of the youth fire brigade. Seniorenbund The last hike with Hans this year will take place on Tuesday, October 13th. Meeting point at 1 p.m. on the village square. We form car pools and drive to Sibratsgälle to the Waldrast. From there we hike the circular moor path, then we continue on the footpath in the direction of Sibratsgfälle to the Gasthaus Adler (to Paula). Kneipp-Aktiv-Club Wrapping course with Lydia Hagspiel Impulse lecture followed by practical action. Wraps, conditions and accompanying measures are proven applications, they strengthen the immune system, improve well-being, promote sleep, alleviate pain and health disorders. The various wraps can be used from birth to old age. Friday, October 23 from 7 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. / 10 p.m., Spielhus Price: 25, UR members / 30, UR non-members (including lecture notes) Maximum number of participants: 10 Registration deadline: October 19 In order to comply with the minimum distance of the Covid guidelines, the Course takes place in the Spielhus! Please bring a face mask with you! Please register with Margret Lässer, SMS / WhatsApp / Tel. 0664 / Fliesen Jams FC Riefensberg Preview: Saturday, October 10, 12 noon U11: FNZ Vorderwald Hella DSV 1b: SPG Riefensberg FC Gaißau 5pm Fliesen Jams FC Riefensberg FC Baldauf Doren Die The event takes place under the current Covid-19 requirements. Order of service Sunday, October 11th 10 am Sunday mass with first communion, participation restricted as far as possible only for first-time communicators and their closest family members Thursday, October 15 8 am hl. Mass Sunday, October 18, 10 a.m. Sunday mass, church sacrifice for the world - mission 2 p.m. Baptism ceremony for Matteo Moosmann Krumbach report on the constituent meeting of the newly elected community council on October 2, 2020 in the Krumbach community hall, start: 8 p.m., nde: 1 a.m. Greetings and determination of the quorum The mayor welcomes the members of the newly elected municipal council as well as all those who appear, determines the quorum and opens the meeting. r congratulates the newly elected community representatives and the council members and thanks them for being willing to accept the office. Furthermore, the chairman thanks the resigning community representatives for their commitment and support in the community council, in the community board, in the committees, commissions and advisory boards. A due farewell will take place at a later date due to the corona. 2. Inauguration of the community representatives The newly elected community representatives take the vow in accordance with Section 37 (1) of the Basic Law in front of the chairman. Then the chairman makes his vow in front of the community council. 3. Appointment of a secretary At the request of the chairman, the municipal council unanimously decides to entrust Carmen Hantsche with the drafting of the negotiating paper. 4. Determination of the number of members of the community board The number of members of the community board is set at 3. 5. Election of the mayor The mayor hands over the chairmanship to Vice Mayor Dietmar Nussbaumer. As a vote counter

19 community information is unanimously determined by the community council Jasmine Österle and Dietmar Berkmann. Dietmar Nussbaumer proposes gmont Schwärzler for election as mayor. There are no further suggestions. The written election results in the following result: 12 votes cast, 11 of them for gmont Schwärzler, 1 invalid vote. Thus, gmont Schwärzler is again elected mayor.After being elected, r takes over the chairmanship and thanks for the trust and declares that he will exercise the office to the best of his ability. 6. Election of the municipality board Election 1st councilor Dietmar Nussbaumer proposes gmont Schwärzler for election to the 1st council. There are no further suggestions. The written election results in the following result: 12 votes cast, 11 of them for gmont Schwärzler, 1 invalid vote. Election 2nd councilor gmont Schwärzler proposes Dietmar Nussbaumer for election to the 2nd council. There are no further suggestions. The written election results in the following result: 12 votes cast, 11 of them for Dietmar Nussbaumer, 1 invalid vote. Election 3rd local councilor Dietmar Nussbaumer proposes Markus Faißt for election to the 3rd local councilor. There are no further suggestions. The written election results in the following result: 12 votes cast, 11 of them for Markus Faißt, 1 invalid vote. 7. Election of Vice Mayor Markus Faißt proposes Dietmar Nussbaumer for election as Vice Mayor. There are no further suggestions. The written election results in the following result: 12 votes cast, 11 of them for Dietmar Nussbaumer, 1 invalid vote. 8. Approval of the minutes of the meeting of September 7th, 2020 The minutes of the meeting of September 7th, 2020 were sent to all community representatives. The minutes are approved without objection. 9. Any gmont Schwärzler would like to thank the voters for the confidence they expressed in the election. Major challenges such as: B. the further development of the village center study with a focus on childcare, elementary school, rooms for clubs and communal facilities as well as the maintenance of projects that have already been implemented (such as Moore Krumbach, Moorraum, Bus: Stop, Dorfkern). Due to the corona crisis and the associated decline in income, the municipality's financial leeway is becoming smaller. Therefore, there is perhaps still plenty of room for all interested citizens, community representatives and members of the council to get involved and contribute ideas within the framework of advisory boards and temporary working groups or teams. The Mayor Cut back trees and bushes We ask everyone to cut back their trees, bushes and living hedges on roads and paths so that pedestrians are not obstructed, traffic is not impaired and winter services can be carried out unhindered in winter. Entrances, obstacles and roadsides are to be made visible with snow poles. In order to ensure road safety, we ask you to regularly cut the house entrances and crossings as well as the trees and bushes in these areas for a better view of traffic signs. Heating cost subsidy 2020/2021 As in previous heating seasons, the Vorarlberg state government also grants a heating cost subsidy of 270 UR for people or households with a low income for the coming heating period. The heating allowance can be requested from the municipal office from Monday, October 12th to Friday, February 19th. Senior Citizens Association If the travel restrictions for Germany on October 11th are still valid, we will meet on October 15th at the bus stop in the village. We take line 25 to Grünau and hike from there to the Fluh and over the beech forest or the lower Känzeleweg to Bregenz. return to the Adler on the Fluh. Library and media center Wilde Weiber wonderful Katharina Ritter tells of fabulous creatures in the Alps. October 20th at 8 p.m. in the Krumbach parish hall. Please wear a mouth and nose protection to your seat. Hittisau disability on the L24 Due to rock networking and rock cutting work in the area from km 1.24 to km 1.31, it will be between 12 October and 16 December on working days from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and until 4 p.m. come to disabilities. 19th