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Like a human brain: Where artificial intelligence determines your everyday life

We have already reported a little on artificial intelligence, so-called AI. Why? AI is taking up more and more space in our lives. You have probably come into contact with her before. Here you can find out where you can find AI, what its advantages and disadvantages are and how cars are related to it.

What exactly an artificial intelligence is cannot be clearly determined, as the boundaries are sometimes a little blurred. What is certain, however, is that the types of AI that you may know from science fiction films have nothing in common with our reality. Instead, computer programs are created that are based on the human brain. Artificial intelligence is therefore able to develop and learn independently - just like the human brain. We have already explained here how exactly this works.

Science fiction or reality?

At first glance, it all sounds a bit scary: a machine that works like us humans. In fact, AI has nothing to do with any of the dire scenarios that might come to mind. Instead, it can actually be quite useful - for you too. AI is now firmly anchored in our everyday lives. Whether you like to listen to music on Spotify, order things on Amazon, or talk to Siri, you come into contact with AI everywhere.

AI and cars

Another field of application for AI is the automotive industry. Do you always like to hear your favorite song in the car? AI can remember this, recognize you in the car based on your breathing or your hands, for example, and then automatically play your favorite song - without you having to press any button! Super practical. And your parents will also be happy about parking aids, navigation devices and automatic seat settings, right?

Driving without a driver

But more comfort for passengers is not the only thing that AI should achieve in cars. For years it has been tested whether cars could be controlled without a driver, just by an AI. That would be quite practical. You just sit in the car and be driven wherever you want.

However, there is still a lot of research and development to be done here, because of course this type of driving can be very dangerous. Various intelligent assistance systems are already ensuring more safety in road traffic. And even if completely driverless driving is unlikely in the near future, there are always various tests in this direction. The first Genius child reporters Emma and Nick were already there when they were driving a self-driving truck. Algorithms and the further development of artificial intelligence are important for all of these developments.

AI is not a threat

Of course, AI can still harbor a few risks. But in order to reduce this, not only experts from research, mathematics and programming are commissioned to create AI. More and more companies are also including so-called humanities scholars, for example experts in ethics, morals and communication. This ensures that AI works technically flawlessly, but cannot pose a threat to humans.
The ultimate goal of AI is not to become stronger than us humans. The ultimate goal is to support us, to relieve us and to make our life more pleasant.

Photo: Daimler AG

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