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It is well known that color makes life more colorful. At the same time, however, the color palette has been proven to have a psychological effect on us that is based on emotional interpretation. The effect of colors is learned in the human development process and so the individual color tones are connected with certain signals. But memories and personal experiences can also play a role. Green is usually equated with nature, hope and reassurance, while red stands for passion, love, energy but also danger.

Taking into account the color effect, colors can therefore ideally also be used for home design. In this way, each room is given a certain atmosphere that harmonizes with and corresponds to the planning and use of the room. In this way, well-being and thus physical health can be positively influenced. Who doesn't want a home where you can relax from the stressful everyday life at the university and feel good all around?

A few important basic rules in advance. When it comes to the use of colors, less is more, especially with signal colors or garish tones. With a well-dosed use, the color can unfold its effect without being intrusive or oppressive. In addition, targeted color accents in combination with neutral tones such as white and gray really set the colored walls in scene.

Of course, this is not only possible by painting walls. Of course, wallpaper or home accessories can also be used as a splash of color for a room. The advantage especially with the latter, if you feel like changing, accessories can be exchanged quickly and easily.

But which color now fits which room and which color effect is achieved with it?

Basically, light colors can optically enlarge a room, while their dark counterpart achieves exactly the opposite. Dark colors should therefore be used more in large rooms in order to achieve a certain limitation and security.

According to color psychologist Angela Wright, light colors are friendly and inviting, so they are suitable for rooms such as the entrance area, the bathroom or the kitchen and living room. The tones white, black and gray are suitable as combination colors. This way the color does not become too dominant and there is a visual balance.

Brown or earth tones are also ideal for a feel-good atmosphere. Therefore, they are well suited for rooms in which people often meet. These colors have a natural effect and create a cozy atmosphere.


The space of rest and retreat, this should also be created positively through the color scheme. The color blue is suitable for this. Blue tones stand for relaxation, harmony and balance. The color pink is also ideal for the bedroom, because it has a soothing effect and reduces pent-up aggression. On the other hand, red is very unfavorable for the bedroom because it has a stimulating and activating effect.

living room

In addition to the brown tones presented, the color green is also ideal for the design of living areas. Green has a balancing effect and conveys a feeling of security and security. In addition, this color arouses the desire for something new. Green is ideal in the work area because it can increase creativity and stimulate intellectual activity.


Yellow tones are suitable for the work area. Yellow not only has a mood-enhancing and sunny effect, it also stimulates brain performance and promotes concentration. The color yellow also has a strengthening influence on eagerness to learn and memory performance. Yellow can be used well in the form of accents in combination with dark colors.


In many households, the dining room and kitchen are the focal points of living together. Therefore, colors like red and orange are in good hands here. Red has a dynamic and stimulating effect while orange stands for cheerfulness and conviviality. Orange promotes appetite whereas purple is supposed to curb it.

You see, not all colors are the same. While it can be rather bright in the living room and kitchen, you should use muted colors in the study and bedroom. Take these tips into account if you are going to paint soon or if you want to quickly change wallpaper again, then nothing stands in the way of a cozy home.

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