Why are fake diplomas so expensive?

Prices for ID cards, passports, accounts or diplomas on the dark web: fake identity

It is quite common in certain films to see the protagonist easily given a new identity. Thanks to this new identity, you can leave the country or access certain resources that were prohibited to you. Although we don't know if we will be able to accomplish such things, the truth is that in the Dark web We have a wide variety of options to buy a new life with impersonation.


Average cost to buy a new identity in 2020

A study by SafetyDetectives approximates buying science fiction identities to the real world, in addition to certain numbers. Everything is focused on selling stolen identities on the dark web different prices depending on the country or continent to which they belong.

In Summary A new identity (passport, DNI ...) would cost around 1.100 USD in the US and around 1.125 USD in Europe (in return, around 1.025 euros). In terms of studies, certificates and diplomas, the cost is 0.1699 BTC, which is a change of about 1.055 euros. After all, the accounts and money would cost us about 100 euros plus 0.0894 BTC (555 euros in exchange).

You can pay in dollars or euros, but the vast majority offer prices in BTC Therefore, they usually fluctuate greatly depending on the price of this cryptocurrency. In this way, they ensure that transactions cannot be tracked. The differences between the areas are obvious, but the "quality" of the goods purchased also influences.

That's because we can buy stolen or specially created Passports for the occasion. The same goes for money, as mere imitations can be accessed that would make any security system jump to much more elaborate copies with special stamps or watermarks.


Passes that are sold as genuine on the dark web have the following prices:

  • Australia - $ 745
  • Canada - $ 745
  • Europe - $ 750
  • United States - $ 850

When we talk about it Spain The price would be $ 690, one of the lowest cost in major European Union countries.

DNI and birth certificate

The national identity document is very different depending on the country. in the Europe Prices start at around $ 305. For a birth certificate or birth certificate, the price in Europe starts at $ 220.

Accounts, cards and money

Without leaving Europe, a PayPal The account for our new identity costs us around $ 125, although it depends on the money you have in you. A credit card starts at $ 45 and a bank account starts at $ 70. If we want cash, it costs us about $ 550.

Education, diplomas and certifications

The price of Diplomas and Certifications varies depending on the level of education we would like to have in our new identity. For example, passing the institute costs 0.0715 BTC (450 euros for the stock exchange), passing the university 0.0984 BTC (620 euros for the stock exchange) and a master's cost of 0.152 BTC (950 euros for the stock exchange).

SUMMARY: The price of a new life in Europe

If we add up the amounts known to us, we see the minimum cost of a new identity in Europe . If you add the passport, DNI, and birth certificate it would be about $ 1.125. To this we need to add the education (institute and university) that would make 0.1699 BTC and finally a bank account with card and cash for 115 dollars and another 0.0894 BTC.

Overall about 2.757 euros that the package with all these "products" would cost us on the dark web. This price was determined using the current exchange rate of the euro against the dollar and the bitcoin against the euro.

For all of these reasons, we must take extreme precautions Avoid theft of personal documents . We will be very careful not to disclose your name and address, account or card numbers, ID, passport or social security numbers, and other medical or educational information online. In addition, we use unique passwords per service to prevent password theft from affecting all of our accounts.

According to a study by CPP Spain 57% of the population admits they ever shared personal information with strangers. Under this information we find data such as first and last name (45.20%), postal address (25.90%), date of birth (23.40%) or ID number (21.90%) or bank details confidential (6.50%).