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Cooking with quinoa: the right preparation

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How to cook your quinoa perfectly!

Gluten-free superfood

The stars and their eating habits. They look exactly there - and above all, a lot is copied. What is usually on the table with the celebrities? Exactly: gluten-free superfood! We have the most important and best tips for you on how to prepare the perfect quinoa yourself at home. So your superfood can certainly keep up with that of the stars!

The advantage in the digital rice cooker

You don't need to regulate the heat supply and you can keep your portion warm for a long time after preparation without the grains overcooking and becoming mushy. Overall, preparing your quinoa in a rice cooker will make it a little creamier than in a saucepan.

Cooking quinoa properly: basic recipe in a saucepan

Step by step:

Don't worry: making quinoa is definitely not rocket science. Whether pure or as a side dish - with this simple and quick basic recipe, you will make your quinoa perfectly!

For the preparation for one person you need:

1. Wash the quinoa

The shell of the quinoa grains contains so-called saponins, which are abitter aftertaste cause. That's why you should wash them first! We recommend a fine-mesh sieve with which you can wash the quinoa grains under running water until the water flows through it clearly.

Tip: If you do not have a fine-meshed sieve on hand, you can also line a coarse-meshed sieve with a linen towel or coffee filters.

2. Cooking quinoa using the soaking method

Then put the quinoa in a saucepandouble the amount of water and add a pinch of salt and bring to the boil. As soon as the water is boiling, reduce the flame to medium. Simmer for about 15 minutes with the lid closed.

After 15 minutesall liquid should be boiled away. The quinoa grains should now have a slightly glassy structure. If the grains already have the right consistency, drain off the remaining water. If you prefer it a little softer, you can simmer the quinoa grains for a few minutes longer. If necessary, add a dash of water or broth.

Finished! That's it. Super easy, right? If you want it to be even easier, you can also prepare quinoa in the rice hunger rice cooker. We'll explain how this works in the next section.

Tip: If you want to remove all gas from the quinoa, you can soak it briefly in water beforehand.

Cooking quinoa perfectly: basic recipe in the digital rice cooker

For the preparation of one portion you need:

Preparation in the digital rice cooker

1. Quinoa in a fine-mesh sieveto wash, to rinse bitter substances out of the peel.

2. Pour the washed quinoa into the digital rice cooker. Then add twice the amount of water or stock and a pinch of salt. Turn on rice cooker and timer on15 minutes put. Extend the cooking time if the quinoa grains are not to be firm to the bite, but rather soft and creamy.

3. About after the cooking timeswell for five minutes to let. Then serve

Tips for the perfect quinoa

Tip 1: wash before cooking

Have you ever heard ofSaponins belongs? The herbal defensive substance takes care of yousoapy, bitter taste. So that your quinoa dishes taste better in the future, you should definitely wash the quinoa well before cooking!

In small amounts, saponins are completely harmless to health. But too much tastes not only getting used to, but can also cause stomach ruffles.

Recommendation: fine-mesh sieve

Ideally in a fine-mesh sieve until the tap water runs through it clearly. This rinses the saponins from the seed coat, which protects them in nature from fungal attack and insect damage. Only when the saponins are removed can quinoa develop the delightful nutty taste that everyone raves about.

Tip 2: correct amount of water, correct cooking time

Timing is everything! Not only in sports, but especially in cooking. This also applies to the preparation of quinoa. We have had good experiences with water and quinoa in theRatio 2: 1 to cook - usually remains then15 minutes no water left. To be on the safe side, you should check how much water is left in the pot every few minutes.

More water against insecurity

If you are unsure, you can use water and quinoa in theRatio 3: 1 dose. So if you want to prepare 200 g of quinoa, just add 600 ml of water. The superfood seeds, for example15 minutes Cook. Most of the liquid is absorbed by the quinoa. You can then carefully drain what is left over.

Tip 3: strain the cooked quinoa

Quinoa beginners are often surprised that their dishes get mushy. However, there is a very simple trick: after boiling, you should send your quinoa seeds to urinate first. So: Put it in the fine-meshed sieve and the remaining liquid, possibly alsowith a little emphasis, strain. In this way, the grains lose some of the water they absorbed during preparation and can then be processed further.

Tip 4: Let quinoa rest after cooking

Quinoa tends to become lumpy after straining if processed immediately. That is why we recommend: First loosen the grains with a fork and then leave them forRest for 15 minutes. To do this, you can put them back in the hot pan or the warm saucepan and use the residual heat.

Taste for your quinoa - without bitter substances

Season the quinoa properly

We remind you again: It is essential to wash quinoa to remove bitter substances. If your quinoa is still a bit too bitter for you or if you just want a more intense taste, you can still do the following:

Season the quinoa while it is cooking

Quinoa naturally tastes slightly nutty. If that's not enough, the small grain can be given more flavor with simple means. As already described, this can be achieved, for example, by usingBroth instead of water while cooking. But there are also other options, such as quinoa with milk!

Roast the quinoa before cooking

One of the most popular methods is to drain the quinoa grains after washing them, add them to the pan with good quality oil and use them fortoast briefly for one to two minutes. Depending on what you use the quinoa for, you can use a good olive oil or an oil with a flavor. Roasting makes the grains more robust and allows them to develop their nutty taste even more.

Season the quinoa with spices and herbs

Of course you can also do quinoawith your favorite spices or herbs Cook. For a hearty side dish, we recommend tomato paste as a natural flavor enhancer. If you prefer something sweeter: try the power seeds with milk, honey, cinnamon and a little cardamom!

However, additional bitter substances, such as those found in broccoli and cabbage, can be balanced out. Such nuances are perfectly neutralized by salty or sweet ingredients: olives, savory meats or fruits - there are no limits to the imagination.

Bake quinoa after cooking

It gets really crispy when you make your quinoa after cooking in the oven bake. Simply spread the superfood grains on a baking sheet lined with baking paper and bake at around 175 degrees for around 30 minutes until golden brown. Perfect as an addition to bowls and particularly tasty as a crunchy muesli in the morning, because: The baking gives the quinoa wonderful roasted aromas that harmonize perfectly with its own nutty taste.

Eat quinoa raw

Peel, rinse, enjoy: Quinoa tastes even raw

Uncooked quinoa: washing is compulsory

Can I even eat quinoa raw? Yes! If you want to eat quinoa raw, you should definitely use untreated quinoa seeds and wash them thoroughly until the water runs clear to remove the saponins.

Raw, but powerful: use of quinoa

Raw quinoa is a great source of nutrients and can be used wonderfully in various recipes: In muesli, on topped borders, sandwiches or in a salad or briefly sautéed with a little oil and used as a topping.

Quinoa seedlings - grow your own sprouts

For even more power, you can grow quinoa sprouts yourself from unpeeled quinoa seeds. You can already enjoy your sprouts within 24 hours,

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