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Vampire hunter: on the trail of bloodsuckers


Vampire hunters fight against figures of the night with cross, garlic and crucifix. In these audio books the adversaries of the pale beasts play the main role.

When the vampire first haunted Slavic myths in the 17th century, his eternal adversary was already closely on his trail. After all, every bad guy needs an archenemy - and this one is absolutely equal to the dark thanks to his intellect or supernatural abilities.

The Vampire Hunter in Pop Culture: An Overview

Vampire hunters are born on Saturdays. Yes indeed. According to Bulgarian myths, only Saturday children can see the normally invisible bloodsuckers and thus fight them effectively. According to the earliest legends, who else will resist evil? So-called dhampires. These children of an immortal father and a mortal mother possess supernatural strength and are therefore also perfectly equipped for the battle against the dark. A fight that has lasted for centuries and in which the vampire has long been considered a more exciting figure.

Until the Irishman Bram Stoker created a vampire hunter at least as exciting in Abraham Van Helsing. It was from here that the character began its unstoppable march of success through pop culture. Today, vampire hunters like Blade, known from film and comics, Buffy and Angel from the TV series of the same name or Simon Belmont from the iconic Castlevania video game series are known to everyone and have arrived in the mainstream.

What do all these protectors of humanity have in common? Your hatred of pale villains. Otherwise, vampire hunters are sometimes ordinary people with knowledge of the occult and a sharp mind - and sometimes half-vampires or other mythical creatures such as werewolves and magicians. In the novel Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter even a former US president turns out to be a vampire hunter. Good to know: These brave heroes often don't just hunt bloodsuckers. After all, in a vampire-ridden world, other monsters are usually not far away either.

The forefather of all vampire hunters: Abraham Van Helsing

Abraham Van Helsing: This name makes vampires shudder. No wonder: the Dutch professor and metaphysician created by Bram Stoker is the eternal adversary of the most famous and powerful vampire in literary and cultural history: Count Dracula. Equipped with a wooden stake, garlic and crucifix, Van Helsing chased and defeated the king of all bloodsuckers in the gothic horror classic "Dracula", published in 1897, and thus became immortal himself.

So it is hardly surprising that the legendary vampire hunter fled his original literary novel and appeared in countless other works in the years that followed. Van Helsing, for example, conquered comic book fans at the side of the "X-Men", was immortalized in various movies by screen greats such as Hugh Jackman and Anthony Hopkins and even appeared in an anime series named after him. In short: This vampire hunter has absolute cult character and is one of the most famous heroes of pop culture.

Interesting: While Van Helsing was originally conceived as a man of (occult) science and an intellectual mastermind, in his younger incarnations he also likes to play the role of a muscle-bound warrior.


Written by: Bram Stoker
Voiced by: Nana Spier, Detlef Bierstedt, Erich Räuker

When the London lawyer Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania at the request of Count Dracula, he has no idea what evil is waiting for him there. Arriving at the Count's residence, Harker soon observes gruesome incidents - and becomes the mysterious Count's hostage. But: Harker manages to escape back to London. Too bad Dracula will catch up with him here soon. Can the scholar Van Helsing conquer the bloodsucker?

With Dracula In addition to the blueprint for the modern vampire, the Irishman Bram Stoker also created the ancestors of all vampire and demon hunters. This unabridged audio book version reads the crème de la crème of the German speaking guild.

From beast to bestseller: the incredible career of the vampire.

Human vampire hunters: this is how David fights Goliath

In these audio books, normal people fight powerful undead and thus prove that anyone can conquer evil - with the right means and companions, of course.

A mysterious virus has turned large parts of the world's population into bloodthirsty vampires. Who can stop the total extinction of humanity now? Allow me: Ephraim Goodweather. The talented epidemiologist fights against the overwhelming power of evil - while he also fights his own demons with drugs and alcohol.

The night is the third and final part of the acclaimed Saat series, which has since been adapted as a television series. In this horror trilogy, the duo of writers around Chuck Hogan and Oscar winner and director Guillermo del Toro paints the picture of a broken and charismatic vampire hunter. An unusual hero who is absolutely equal to his literary forefather Van Helsing in terms of intellect.

Salem must burn

Written by: Stephen King
Voiced by: Jürgen Kluckert

The successful writer Ben Mears returns to Salem's Lot, the place of his childhood. Here he plans to rent the old Marsten house, where he observed eerie phenomena as a little boy. But: the house has already been sold. And the new owner Kurt Barlow is surrounded by a terribly dark aura. It quickly emerges that Barlow is a centuries-old vampire. Now it's up to Ben to rid the city of Barlow.

With Salem must burn Stephen King created a very inconspicuous vampire hunter in 1975, who has to assert himself in this homage to Bram Stoker's Dracula. The result is a modern horror classic that is at least as bloodthirsty and oppressive as the original. The 1979 film adaptation also enjoys cult status among vampire fans. A new film version is already in the works.

Evil lives in Maine: discover Stephen King's multiverse.

The experienced demon hunter Victor Burke is facing the greatest challenge of his life: After ghouls and ghosts, the hard-nosed fighter is confronted with a vampire for the first time. And that's Dracula himself too. Will Burke defeat the evil and intelligent monster?

The pact with death is the second part of The Border series by the German author Oliver Döring and a radio play in a class of its own. After all, voice actor heavyweights like Joachim Kerzel (the German voice of Jack Nicholson) or Gary Oldman spokesman Udo Schenk give the horror thriller authentic Hollywood flair.

Fantastic beings among themselves: supernatural vampire hunters

These demon and vampire hunters know their way around supernatural powers - after all, they themselves belong. These are our best audio books about magical vampire hunters.

Guardians of the Night

Written by: Sergei Lukianenko
Voiced by: Achim Höppner, Oliver Brod

Anton Gorodezki lives in contemporary Moscow in spheres that normal people do not see. Because: Anton is one of the so-called "others". These supernaturally gifted individuals also include magicians, vampires, and other mythical creatures. As the Guardian of the Night, Anton's job is to hunt down beings in the dark. In this role he is supposed to hunt a poaching couple of vampires. And becomes the hunted in the course of the mission.

With Guardians of the Night Sergej Lukianenko created the start of his six-part Guardian series in 1998, which now enjoys cult status far beyond the borders of Russia and has also been successful as a feature film. The action-packed horror adventure delights with a vampire hunter who is as powerful as he is driven, who gets caught between the fronts of magical powers.

Fifteen-year-old Clary Fray, who lives in New York City, thought she was just a normal teenager. Until one day she is attacked by a monster and learns that she has shadowhunter blood in her. Suddenly Clary belongs to an ancient order and is supposed to use her unknown powers to hunt down so-called shadowworlders. Beings that include vampires, elves and nymphs. Clary accepts her unusual legacy. Not least to save her kidnapped mother.

With City of Bones bestselling author Cassandra Clare created the first part of her six-part, internationally acclaimed YA fantasy romance Chronicles of the Underworld. The audiobook, which Andrea Sawatzki has read vigorously, combines the hunt for monsters with a tragic love story and a charming heroine who has yet to find her own strength.

Scratch me, bite me, give me animal names: even more fantastic love stories.

In an alternative, Victorian London, vampires and werewolves live peacefully among humans. Actually. Lady Alexia Tarabotti kills a bloodsucker - in self-defense. But why did the vampire attack Alexia? As a soulless person, Alexia, who belongs to the supernatural beings, begins to investigate at the side of the attractive commissioner and werewolf Lord Macoon and thus becomes a vampire hunter against her will.

Glowing darkness is the first part of the Lady Alexia series by Gail Carriger and presents a monster hunter who is in a class of her own. After all, in addition to courage and assertiveness, Alexia also has a good dose of humor. This turns the gruesome fantasy romance into a light-footed adventure.

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Vampire Hunter Against Evil: The Fight Continues In These Audiobooks

You can't get enough of greedy bloodsuckers and death-defying vampire hunters? Numerous Dracula adaptations and other horror classics await you at Audible.

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