What makes a dog a loyal animal

How did the dog become man's best friend?

The dog is considered to be man's best friend. He happily wags his tail when his mistress comes home, is happy when he is allowed to play with him and prefers to always be by his side. But this friendship was preceded by enmity.

The dog descended from the wolf. And that was an enemy of humans over 15,000 years ago. Back then, people were still hunters and lived as nomads in the wild. In search of food, the wolf was a dangerous enemy for them. He looked for the same prey and saw humans as predators.

They only got closer when people settled down and the first settlements emerged. Scientists assume that then wolves began to seek proximity to humans in order to get some of their food. But people also began to see wolves as livestock.

They raised wolf pups in their settlements, taming the four-legged friends and using them as hunting helpers. The wild animals gradually adapted to the human environment and were eventually bred by humans. A new species of animal developed - the dog.

The dog not only behaves differently from the wolf, there are also some external differences. Coat color, body size and shape vary, and the dog's jaw and skull volume are smaller. With breeding, more and more different breeds emerged and the dogs became loyal companions for humans. At first they mainly helped with the hunt, then they were used as guards for the house and yard and later as shepherd, detection and rescue dogs. Dogs were the first pets and are therefore our oldest animal friends. Ah!

By the way:

Dog barking only developed over time. Communication with us humans works so much better. Depending on their emotional state, dogs bark differently loudly. When a dog is excited, it barks much louder than when it is happy.