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Kana:エ ビ ス
Reading:エ ビ ス
Date of birth:8th of March
Star sign:fish
Age:Part 1: 28-29 years
Part 2: 32 years
Size:Part 1: 181.4 cm
Weight:Part 1: 67.5 kg
Blood type:A.
Place of residence:Konohagakure
Rank:Tokubetsu Jōnin
Ninja ID:010777
Team:Team Ebisu
First appearance:

part 1
Chapter 2
Episode 2

Speaker:Christian Rudolph
Seiyū:Tobita Nobuo

Ebisu is a Tokubetsu Jōnin who only trains the elite. He became Genin when he was ten and Chunin when he was seventeen. In addition, he is the private tutor of Konohamaru, whereby one could equate him with Jiraiya when it comes to women. That's why Naruto calls him a great goat.[1]

In Naruto Uzumaki he initially only sees the Kyūbi. This changes when he learns from Konohamaru that there is no shortcut to the title of Hokage, which Naruto once told him. Ebisu is amazed at what Naruto Konohamaru was able to teach. He even says that Naruto would be a much better Konohamaru teacher than himself.

After training at the Chūnin selection test at the request of Kakashi Naruto, he realizes that there is more to this than just the Kyūbi.

Ebisu in Shippūden

In Shippūden, Ebisu is the sensei of Konohamaru, Moegi and Udon. Together they make up the Ebisu team. Ebisu has become more like Jiraiya, as he caught a cold on his team's first day at work, as he tensed too long the day before.

During Akatsuki's attack on Konoha, Ebisu is attacked by one of Pain's bodies and almost killed because he doesn't want to reveal where Naruto is either. However, Konohamaru can save his Sensei.

Skills parameters

Ebisu's ability parameter looks like this:


See here: Ebisus Jutsu

Completed missions

quantity rank
98 Urge
284 C rank
115 B rank
1 A rank
0 S rank

Status: After the first part of the Chūnin selection test


Ebisu, written え び す or ゑ び す, is the name of one Shinto deity of Japan.