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Kenya has a free market economy with the strongest industrial base in the regions of East and Central Africa. According to statistical estimates from 2003, Kenya has a population of 32.2 million compared to 28.7 million according to a 1999 census. That is an increase of about 3 million.

Thus around 40% of the entire population of East Africa (approx. 80 million) live in Kenya. This makes the country a sizable market, in addition to its importance in terms of strategic investment, tourism and trade. It has easy access to the export markets of the Common East and Central African Market (COMESA), the rest of Africa, Asia, the Middle East and even Europe. As the region's transportation and communications hub, it is competitive in trading with distant countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia. The growing trade with the USA was driven by the AGOA (African Growth and Opportunity Act).

Membership in numerous trade and economic organizations makes Kenya a safe business partner. These organizations include the World Trade Organization (WTO), the United Nations World Trade and Development Conference (UNCTAD), the Contonou Agreement between Africa, the Caribbean, the Pacific / European Union, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Committee on Multilateral Investment Security and the African trade insurance. The German-Kenyan investment activities are furthermore promoted by bilateral agreements, in particular the double taxation agreement signed by both countries in 1977 and the treaty to promote and secure mutual investments, which came into force on December 7, 2000.

Trade with Kenya is facilitated by a number of industry-specific specialist and service institutions. These facilities have been modernized and restructured to meet every challenge. They help to overcome bottlenecks and bureaucratic hurdles that could hinder business ventures, travel or investments in Kenya.

The aim of these organizations is to help buyers of Kenyan products to find a suitable supplier, to familiarize tourists with the range of places and attractions on offer and to show the investor business opportunities and start suitable projects. These institutions include:

1) The Kenyan Weights and Measures Office
The Weights and Measures Office develops, monitors and standardizes standards for goods and services from Kenya for domestic and international use. The Weights and Measures Office also regulates, controls and ensures the quality of foreign goods imported into Kenya in compliance with international standards.

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2) The Kenyan Plant Protection Agency
This authority is responsible for drawing up and complying with all plant protection regulations for exports and imports from and to Kenya. It is a reliable, effective, efficient and competitive authority that ensures the quality of agricultural services and products.

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3) The Kenyan Telecommunications Office
This office grants licenses and regulates telecommunications, radio and postal services in Kenya and acts as a partner for potential investors in the telecommunications and postal sector

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4) The Kenyan Business Information Center
As a department of the export committee, the center aims to provide potential importers and exporters with the latest, reliable economic information from all areas of the company. Numerous national business information from various sources is bundled here.

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5) The Horticultural Department
This agency is a semi-governmental institution that advises growers, exporters and processors on how to simplify and improve the cultivation of high quality horticultural products for export and the local market. The organization also issues licenses to horticultural products exporters.

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6) The Kenyan Tourist Office
The office is a semi-governmental organization dedicated to promoting Kenya as an excellent travel destination.

Kenya is a perfect travel destination for anyone looking for adventure, relaxation, culture and sports. It offers tourists wild savannahs, a timeless culture untouched by modern times, beautiful beaches and coral reefs, impressive forests and fairytale, snow-capped peaks along the equator. Desert hikers get their money's worth here as well as visitors looking for relaxation in the cooler highlands. The tourist office brings these facts and other secrets of a unique holiday and safari country closer to tourists.

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7) Kenya Tourist Development Corporation (KTDC)
The Kenya Tourist Development Corporation was founded in 1996 with the main aim of building the tourist infrastructure in Kenya. Since then, the organization has developed investment strategies and established partnerships with foreign and local private investors.

The KTDC advises investors in tourism projects in financial and economic areas. As an intermediary between other development institutions and private investors, the KTDC mobilizes financial resources for the development of the tourism industry.
With the help of the KTDC facilities, investors can advance their tourism projects in Kenya.

Further information is available from:
Kenya Tourist Development Corporation,
Utalii House
P.O. Box 42013
Tel. 00254-20-330820, 229751
Fax. 00254-20-227815
Email: [email protected]

8) Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS)
This institution is a corporation under public law and is responsible for the conservation of biodiversity and sustainability of natural resources in the national parks and reserves. As an organization for the protection of biodiversity, the KWS manages, protects and preserves the natural wealth of the country on which the tourism industry depends economically.

For this reason, the institution tries to provide the Kenyan people with the greatest possible economic advantage by developing and promoting nature tourism. The KWS could be your trustworthy and reliable partner with regard to worldwide nature conservation and investments in this area are always welcome.

Further information is available from:
Kenya Wildlife Service
P.O. Box 40241
Tel. 00254-20-600800
Fax. 00254-20-603792
Email: [email protected]

9) Investment Promotion Office (IPA)
The Office was founded in 1986 as a public corporation with the aim of promoting private investment in Kenya. Since 2005, it has been a one-stop shop for investors intending to invest their money in Kenya new investment projects and in the organization of local and international investment projects.

When awarding investment projects, the IPA works closely with the relevant government authorities to obtain the necessary permits, licenses and permits. After project approval, the IPA issues a general power of attorney that allows investors to start their project immediately while they wait for the necessary licenses (approx. 6 months).

The center is the central point of contact for anyone who intends to invest in any industry in Kenya. There is a list of project proposals that can easily be viewed by any interested resident or foreign investor. A list of all investment opportunities available in Kenya is also available on the IPA website and database.

You can contact the IPA at:
The Investment Promotion Agency
National Bank Building
Harambee Avenue
P.O. Box 55704
Tel. 00254-20-221401 / 4
Fax. 00254-20-336663
Email: [email protected]

10) Office for Export Zones
The Kenyan Export Zones Program was started by the government in 1990 to offer export-oriented companies attractive investment opportunities within defined areas or zones. The aim is to increase capital investment, create jobs, transfer technology, build business relationships and diversify exports.

This program is administered by the Office for Export Zones. It offers a range of incentives to ensure lower costs, faster execution, easier operation, and greater return on investments.

Further information is available from:
British American Center,
Upper Hill
P.O. Box 50563
00200 Nairobi
Tel. 00254-20-271 2801/3/5/6
Fax. 00254-20-2713704
Email: [email protected]

11) The Export Promotion Committee (EPC)
The committee was founded in 1992 by the Kenyan government with the main aim of supporting exporters and manufacturers of export goods and services, thereby increasing the performance of the export industry.
The committee is a supreme national authority with the mandate to promote Kenya's export and to coordinate public and private institutions with an interest in the export business. It offers targeted funding and promotes the production of high-quality export goods and services with high added value. This task is carried out by area committees.

Buyers of Kenyan goods or services can use the Committee's services at any time.

Information on the committee can be found at

Export Promotion Council, Anniversary Towers, University way, P.O. Box 40247 Nairobi. Tel. 0025 420-22834 / 8, fax. 0025 420-228539 or 218013, email: [email protected]

12) The Kenyan Tea Authority
The authority was founded in 1950 to regulate the cultivation of tea and the issuing of licenses to tea manufacturers. Its technical area, the Tea Research Foundation, also conducts research in the field of tea cultivation. This authority lists all growers, buyers, packagers, agents and other tea trading institutions.

In addition, the authority is a marketer of Kenyan teas. With around 125,000 hectares of tea cultivation and a total of 250,000 t of processed tea, Kenya is one of the largest tea-growing and exporting countries. . 240,000 t are exported and around 10,000 t are consumed in their own country. Tea is therefore the most important source of foreign exchange with around 20%.

The tea industry directly and indirectly employs around 3 million people and is therefore of great importance for the economic stability and infrastructural development of the two rural areas. In the port city of Mombasa, under the supervision of the East African tea trading company, the largest tea auction in East and Central Africa takes place, where 75% of Kenyan tea is sold. .

Kenya offers investors excellent investment opportunities in tea cultivation, manufacturing, export and value creation. More information is available at, and

13) The capital market authority
The agency was established by the government to promote all areas of the capital markets and to provide incentives for long-term investments in production projects. It stabilizes the country's financial market with a nationwide system of stock exchange and brokerage services, thus enabling profitable stock and securities trading and protecting the interests of investors. Stocks and stocks are traded on the Nairobi Stock Exchange.

The agency operates a compensation fund to protect investors against financial losses resulting from the mistake of a broker or dealer. Investors can therefore use the facilities of the CMA to invest in Kenya without risk.

Further information can be found at or:

The Capital Markets Authority

Reinsurance Plaza Taifa Road
P.O. box
Tel. 00254-20-221910, 221869
Fax. 00254-20-228254
Email: [email protected]

There are a number of non-governmental organizations or associations that work closely with the government and international institutions to promote business contacts and transactions in Kenya. These are:

1) The National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kenya is an umbrella company for the Kenyan business community. She advises the government and the trading community on trends in domestic and international trade. Unlike in Germany, where membership in the Chamber of Commerce is mandatory for companies, membership in Kenya is voluntary. The parent company, headquartered in Nairobi, has branches in all major cities across the country.

For more information, see:

Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry
P.O. Box 47024
Tel. 00254-20-220867
“ - 20-333468
Fax. 00254-20-334293
Email: [email protected]
or [email protected]

2) The Kenyan Employers' Association was founded in 1959 and represents the overall interests of employers, mainly investors in all economic sectors in Kenya. Further information can be found at

3) The Kenyan Fresh Produce Exporters Association is a non-governmental organization. Its main objective is to promote the horticultural industry through market research, export promotion, technical support and member training. In close cooperation with the Kenyan Plant Protection Office, the Kenyan Florists' Association and the Authority for the Promotion of Horticulture, he ensures compliance with high quality standards for Kenyan fresh produce for the local market and for export.

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4) The Kenyan Florists' Association is an organization set up by the key players in the floristry industry for the responsible and environmentally responsible cultivation of cut flowers and similar products in order to make Kenya's flowers competitive and safe for the domestic and export markets. The association has set strict rules for the members, e.g. six-month endurance tests of the farms.

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5) The Kenyan International Freight and Warehousing Association
ensures fairness, professionalism and efficient management in the handling of incoming and outgoing freight. Importers and exporters find reliable partners in the members for the transport of their goods to the markets.

Further information is available from:

Kenya International Freight & Warehousing Association
Bishop Garden Towers,
Bishops Road
P.O. Box 57969
Tel. 00254-20-2717071
“ -20-2727806
Fax. 00254-20-2722536
“ -20-213952
Email: [email protected]

6) The KEPSA (Kenya Private Sector Alliance) is an umbrella organization for the private sector in Kenya. Business people who are looking for contact with producers, service providers or companies in Kenya can turn to this umbrella organization with confidence. Through KEPSA, investors, dealers, service providers or consumers can find facilities that are not mentioned on this website.

For more information, see
Kenya Private Sector Alliance,
Bishops Garden Towers- 1st Floor Bishops Road,
P.O. Box 3556, 00100
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel. 00254-20-2730371 / 2,
Fax. 00254-20-2730374
Email: [email protected]

7) The Kenyan Manufacturers Association was founded in 1959 as the sole representative of manufacturers in Kenya with the aim of promoting the industrialization process in Kenya through a competitive manufacturing industry on a free market. .

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