What are the most unlikely hit records

The Augsburgers in the arena - a touch of 2001.

After a long time, another game report about a game by our FC Bayern that is not based on live images.

I have just consumed the recordings of the usual suspicious TV programs and in connection with your comments here, Twitter and Facebook I can - at least I think - get a very good picture.

Bayern played against Augsburg and it was as difficult as the first leg on Saturday.

Augsburg had no intention of giving us the three required points voluntarily. Too bad before the important game in Dortmund. On the other hand, I didn't expect anything else.

Stupid, on the other hand, that our players apparently thought that the problem with the opponent seemed to be over after 24 seconds. Thought wrong.

Shortly afterwards, the 69,000 spectators saw a game that was rightly drawn up to half-time.

What did we as Bavaria (fans) learn from it?

That we shouldn't necessarily expose our next opponents to our defensive alone. What will Dortmund or Real do with us when we present ourselves defensively (i.e. all eleven players)? Mmm.

Against Augsburg it was enough to win a narrow but well-deserved victory in the end.

The aim here was no more and no less. After all, we are all in the (pre-) decisive phase of the season. And if we hadn't at the start of the second half of the season ... oh let's leave that.

The good thing about the game was that

- we made the second goal and then barely allowed it
- Mr. Schweinsteiger was there again and apparently seemed integrated (90 minutes more match practice)
- Mr Ribéry continues to be our turbo life insurance
- Mr. Gomez can improve from season to season

And so on and so on.

I liked what I saw in the respective summaries. There was a situation here and there that could possibly have been punished with a penalty, there were plenty of opportunities - also in their distribution appropriate to the result and both Augsburg and we can live with it.

In any case, in this second half of the season one has the impression that Augsburg's table standings are more than deceptive and that results like the 0-0 win against Dortmund are no coincidence. In this form, Augsburg has nothing to do with relegation. Rightly.

What is good for us?

Since the day before yesterday, every focus has been on BVB. Not Real, not Mainz, no, BVB alone is the topic. And we're in a good mood, better than in the first leg. Whether it is enough for the required 3? We will see it.

But why the above title?

If you cannot follow a game live, but only rely on very slow (no 3G) smartphone apps, you cannot assess how much the scores correspond to the reality of the game. In any case, I went through a rollercoaster.

An early 1-0 from Bayern with the prospect of a “shooting festival” and a “long” 0-0 from Dortmund in Wolfsburg.


Then - in the same minute - the equalizer for Augsburg and the black and yellow lead in Wolfsburg.

Not good. Memories of 2001. But this time the other way around for us Bavarians. It was not Balakov who took the lead in Stuttgart and Zickler at the same time in Munich, no, rather it looked as if we were going to Dortmund five points behind - perspective on minus 8.

In this constellation, our own work victory is doubly positive.

As I said: Now, the day after tomorrow, throw everything into the balance! Fuck Mainz, fuck Madrid. In one game, with one result, we can forget about this ridiculous beginning of the second half of the season!

Let `s go you Reds!

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