How often do men wear sports bras?

At the moment I am in the right mood for writing and since I have already done my sporting exercises today, I would like to approach the subject of sports bra. Obviously, the season of Advent and the approaching solstice has made my writing vibrate. I think I should take advantage of this desire to write.

* I would expect enthusiastic reactions here *

While opinions are certainly divided when it comes to lingerie bras, the tolerance threshold for sports bras is significantly lower. In contrast to the lingerie bra, in my opinion the sports bra is not an option but a must. Especially when doing high-movement sport, even the small breast swings considerably and is significantly relieved by the sports bra. You can see it at, for example Bouncometerfrom Shock Absorber.

* frowning and brooding *

Many who do endurance sports themselves know the feeling when you feel sweaty rubbing your clothes as pain and when, many hours later, free of the adrenaline that has virtually numbed your body at the moment of exertion, you become aware of the whole mess (*Ouch ouch*). Ripped nipples, which sometimes heal grindly and painfully for days, repeatedly rubbing off the shirt or shirt, in men with better breastfeeding, the breast fold, which is reddened and sometimes sore. Most stressful when running, but also when cycling or playing soccer and other high-intensity ball games. Only swimming doesn't cause any stress. (Water just scratches a little)

What do you do about it? Even some fitness forums now recommend a sports bustier or sports bra (* Guys, dare *)that you pull under your running or cycling jersey and that permanently and significantly reduces both the annoying rubbing and chest movement. When it comes to sports, the inhibition threshold for the bra is certainly even higher, as a bra may attract attention more quickly and may lead to frowning from others. Athletes often think they are particularly tough men (* Actually, women too ?? *). But you have to choose between pride and pain.

Sensible sports bras and sports bustiers are now also available in the cheap segment at discounters and coffee roasters between 10 and 20 euros, of course also in the exclusive segment in the range of 100 euros and above.

In the middle range, the prices are around 50 - 60 euros. Brands are most lingerie suppliers and sportswear manufacturers. I personally tested myself through the triaction of Triumph, Freya Active, Change, Tchibo and Anita and finally found my personal winner with the Panache Sports Bra.

So far, I have left out the sporting goods manufacturers themselves, such as Adidas, Nike and Asics, because I think that the classic manufacturers here are probably related to construction. Some models allow the heart rate belt to be threaded better, but basically all sports bras can handle it. In any case, I want to test the shock absorber models popular with many women in the near future. I will summarize my experiences with Change and Panache in a separate post. Then there is also a picture.

When choosing the right sports bra, it is important to be clear about what it should do. How long do I do sports (interval, endurance or speed strength), how strong and intense are torsional, upward and downward movements are decisive. In addition to a firm fit, the skin-to-skin position of the chest should also be avoided when running, since you usually sweat quickly there and therefore, in addition to the uncomfortable feeling, pressure points and friction occur most quickly. Overall, the evidence that speaks in favor of an underwire bra has to be mirrored with those that speak against it. Since most of the wireless models I tested flatten the chest and press against each other, I personally tend to underwire bras and the selection is relatively clear. If you have fewer breasts and only want to protect the nipples, you can easily get by with an underwire bustier or bra.

For the smaller chest and sports with fast movements, strongly supportive (flattening) models, such as B. the Change Sports Bra, the popular models from Triumph, Anita and Odlo but also the inexpensive ones from Tchibo are well suited. The Adidas and Nike bustiers should also offer sufficient support. Anyone looking for ironing models can include you will find what you are looking for at Panache and Freya.

Here, too, it is advisable to try them on, especially the cup sizes vary considerably between the models. Since the UBBs are usually wide, you can use them a little longer as long as the support is maintained. You have to check the cups carefully, after all, the bra should restrict the movement of the breast, on the other hand you don't want to feel like a pressed sausage.

All in all, there is a pretty good range on offer in this segment and, as is so often the case, the hardest part is choosing.

Your BraBerliner