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MarkischPolandPet form of Mark or MarekYarschSilesiaPet form of YaroslavTracksNorthern GermanyShort form of Bernhard and the like.MielkeMecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Brandenburg, PolandSlav. Pet form of Miloslaw and the like.RuthenbeckNorth Rhine-WestphaliaPlace name near DüsseldorfWenderholmMecklenburg-Western PomeraniaSite name; but no place to be foundMeinelSaxonyPet form from MeinhardIxfeldRhineland-PalatinateWistubaPolandCard player (whist)VollmannCentral GermanyPersonal name Volkmann, to German peopleIllmannNew federal statesOn the name of the saints AegidiusPennyPoland"Punishment, punishment"HumNorthern Germany, HessenGrumpy personGleditzschSaxonyCzech. Place name KletečnaGeeseNorthern GermanyShort form of Giesbert u.ä.TschentscherSaxonySlavic first nameHustedtLower SaxonySeveral places in Lower SaxonySlipwayCentral GermanyPlace name, but also other possibilitiesWolf villagesVery rare! Württemberg; frequent wolf (f) sdorfPlace names in Bavaria Pomerania; Silesia; East PrFriedlaFrom SilesiaProbably derived from a personal name with Fried-NemluwilScattered; from BohemiaCzech. "Do not speak"PreibiesOnly twice, Weimar; often PreibischPolish. First name PrzybislawLangnerSaxonyFrom a place name Langen or the like or tall personRequestSaxonyVariant of Antrack, to sorb. Form of AndreasHelpSouthern GermanyVariant of HelfriedJaguschScattered in northern GermanyPolish. Formation of Agata, Agnieszka or Jadwiga