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Guide to taxis at Barcelona Airport

There are always plenty of taxis available at Barcelona Airport. You cannot be waved at randomly - you have to stand in the queue where a waiting taxi will be assigned to you. There are taxi ranks in front of both Terminal 1 (T1) and Terminal 2 (T2) at Barcelona Airport. There is a minimum charge for taxis from Barcelona Airport. Ordinary taxis in Barcelona are black with yellow sides.


This page provides information on where to take a taxi at Barcelona Airport, information on taxi prices, surcharges, oversized taxis, accessible taxis for disabled travelers, long distance taxis and the complaints procedure.

Take a taxi from Barcelona Airport

There are taxi ranks in front of T1 and T2 (T2A, T2B and T2C) at Barcelona Airport. They are easy to find; just look out for the taxi rank signs as you exit one of the terminal buildings, which will direct you to the nearest taxi rank.

You can save time by specifically following the signs to the nearest taxi rank rather than just walking where you see a taxi queue. The next taxi rank could be to the left or right of the exit of the terminal building and it may not have a queue. You could therefore miss it and waste extra time by going to a more distant taxi rank that is very busy.

You are not authorized to flag a taxi anywhere. You have to go to the waiting areas enclosed with a railing at the beginning of the taxi queue. There you will find an employee wearing a safety vest. They will direct you to a taxi.

Prices for taxis from Barcelona airport

Please note that there is a minimum charge for taxis from the airport of € 20.00. This must be paid regardless of the length of the journey.

The suppliment on the taxis ride from the airport is € 4.30; the rate per km after this cost: € 1.18 / km (08:00 - 20:00) and € 1.41 / km (20:00 - 08:00).

You will also bear the cost of any applicable tolls (there are no toll roads between Barcelona Airport and Barcelona city center).

You should note that surcharges may apply for vacations, night trips and luggage. Please see below for more details.

If you are staying in a hotel near Barcelona Airport, you may not need to take a taxi to the hotel. This costs € 20.00, even if the journey only takes five minutes. When booking your hotel, check that the hotel has a shuttle bus from Barcelona Airport. Most hotels near the airport offer this as a free service.

Surcharges for taxis from Barcelona Airport

There are numerous potential surcharges that can be added to the base prices above.

In addition, surcharges will be added on public holidays and weekends after midnight.

Full details of these surcharges and prices can be found on the Barcelona Taxis official website.

When you get into the taxi, you can read all of the surcharges on a sticker on the window of the back seat in the taxi.

Transfer by minibus for more than four people from Barcelona Airport

The capacity of the minibus depends on the number of people booked. The minibus service has vans of various capacities, but they can move between 7 and 30 people. The minibus service is charged per person. So you only pay for the number of people traveling in your group and not for the entire bus. Remember that others could book the minibus service at the same time as you and therefore your group may be split into different minibuses. This means that it cannot always be guaranteed that you will all travel together in the same minibus. However, the company does its best to accommodate members of the same group on the same bus whenever possible. This minibus service can only be booked online before your trip. Click on the link below for more information and booking information. If you want to go to a destination rather than a hotel, e.g. For example, the port of Barcelona, ​​you must call the company beforehand and inform them of the destination before you arrive in Barcelona.

Long distance taxi ride from Barcelona Airport

If you want to travel a long distance from Barcelona Airport, a regular taxi in Barcelona can be very costly (see above for information on fees). However, it is possible to get special prices for long journeys. These are available from Taxi Vans. Please note that this is a private taxi company. The vehicles can be booked either in advance or at the tourist office at the airport. It is best to book the vehicles in advance as they are not just waiting at the airport. However, if you arrive at the airport and need this type of transportation, go to the tourist office where the taxi will be ordered for you.

Complaints procedure for taxis from Barcelona Airport

If you have a complaint about a taxi driver, be sure to ask for receipt at the end of your ride. The receipt contains all the information you need to provide when filing your complaint. Our Frequently Asked Questions section tells you how to make an official complaint about the service of taxis in Barcelona.

Accessible taxis for disabled travelers at Barcelona Airport

Regular taxis at Barcelona Airport are not suitable for travelers in wheelchairs or mobility scooters. If you need a taxi for disabled travelers, Taxi Amic can help you. Please see our article on Holidays in Barcelona for Travelers with Disabilities for more information on how to get in touch with this company.

Report lost items in a taxi from Barcelona Airport

If you think you forgot something in the taxi, you can call a special helpline. You can find full details of what to do in this case under Lost items in a taxi in Barcelona - Frequently asked questions.

Taxis from Barcelona Airport are easy and convenient. Before choosing a taxi over any other form of public transport, consider all of the various cost considerations, including surcharges and the minimum airport fee.

If you have any further questions about taxis at Barcelona Airport, you may find the answer in our dedicated section on Taxis, Frequently Asked Questions about Taxis in Barcelona.

Secure baggage drop-off and transport service

There is secure luggage storage and a transport service to and from Barcelona. This service proves to be very convenient as you can drop off your luggage and it will be safely transported to your destination, your hotel or other destinations such as the cruise port. We have summarized all information about this for you in the link below.

Secure baggage drop-off and transport service