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The world's best gin bars

Which gin bars should you experience?

Beers, wines, cocktails, spirits, the drinks menu in bars around the world are more diverse than ever before. But if your heart beats for a certain taste in terms of alcohol, you would of course want a selection of drinks that are specifically geared to this desire. To make your search for the best gin bars in the world easier, here are a few tips:

Just a stone's throw from Germany

Stollenbar 1930:
The bar, which is said to have the largest selection of gin, is not far from the German border. When entering the original bar in Kufstein, guests feel transported back to the time when chansons from the 1930s were still played in Paris, New York or London. Cocktails that were popular almost a century ago are served to match the music, as well as rum, gin, non-alcoholic drinks from Fentimans and rarities.

If you prefer something more down-to-earth, there is of course also excellent beer from Belgium, Ireland or England. In the meantime, the Stollen 1930 offers the world's largest gin gallery with more than 800 different varieties from all over the world and officially already listed in the “Guinnes Book of Records”. The name says it all, the bar is located in the fortress mountain of Kufstein. In terms of price, the bar is in the upper segment. The huge selection and the quality of the gins justify every single cent.

Asia can also do gin

Origin Bar:
The Origin Bar is Hong Kong's premier gin spot. The stylish bar is still relatively new; it opened in February 2013. With the largest selection of gins in Hong Kong, there are numerous creations here, traditional blends are mixed as well as modern cocktails. Of course, gin drinks are also offered, which have a local Asian touch.

Raspberry, lemongrass or grapefruit also sweeten the taste experience. Twelve types of gin were specially mixed for the Origin and can only be enjoyed here. There are numerous elements in the furnishings that point to the origin of the gin. For example, the bar stools are equipped with a cover that is very reminiscent of the British flag in blue, red and white.

What can Barcelona do?

Bobby Gin:
The Spaniards also like to drink a delicious gin from time to time. In Barcelona, ​​barkeeper Bobby and his team prepare classic or original recipes, depending on the customer's wishes. There are also great gin and tonic variations refined with Armagos from the pipette. In addition to the delicious gin-related drinks, the Bobby Gin also scores with its food. Whether Spanish cuisine or juicy burgers, the dishes on offer are convincing across the board.

The decor of the bar is simple and yet very stylish, white walls meet wooden floors and wooden tables, and you can sit comfortably on black leather sofas or white chairs. In terms of price, the Bobby Gin is in the upper segment, but the huge selection of gin varieties as well as the quality of food and drink are definitely worth the money.

Of course, London also shows what it can do!

Holborn Dining Room
There are also excellent gin bars in London, one of which is the Holborn Dining Room. The ambience of the bar not only inspires the English, red seating areas with red-brown chairs on a white floor, plus high ceilings, which give the room its very own charm. The cocktail menu has over 400 types of gin and 30 different tonic waters so that more than 14,000 creations can be mixed.

Another highlight: the wonderfully beautiful terrace, which is often rented for private celebrations. The bar food is at least as excellent as the gin selection. English cuisine alternates with international specialties, which are served with humor and the best ingredients. The combination of a great ambience, charming staff and top quality food and drinks makes the Holborn Dining Room a real hit among London gin addresses. In terms of price, of course, you have to keep in mind that you spend the evening in London, one of the most expensive cities in Europe, and that is generally quite expensive. The Holborn Dining Room is one of the more expensive bars in town, a chicken sandwich, for example, costs the equivalent of 17 euros.

Bathub Gin:
When it comes to the best bars in the world, the land of unlimited possibilities is of course a must. The Bathup Gin is arguably one of the most famous bars in all of New York. Why? Well, this is of course partly due to the large selection of food and drinks, the special ambience and one or the other additional show that no longer has too much to do with gin. But let's start from the beginning: You stand in a small coffee shop and wonder where a bar should be hidden here.

A bouncer takes you there and you get into a rather dark room that exudes the atmosphere of the 20s. The first cocktails (for around 13-16 euros) can be ordered in a dignified group, and the food is also excellent here. Salads (12 euros) or grilled chicken (16 euros) taste particularly good with a cool gin and tonic. The real highlight, at least as many visitors judge, is the burlesque show.

Burlesque show and gin?

Before this begins, a magician ensures that there is no boredom before the start. Whether you like such a show is of course a matter of taste, but you should definitely see something like this once. Therefore, it is advisable to visit the bar on the evenings when the shows are on. The following applies here, of course: Make a reservation beforehand, otherwise there is a risk that you can only guess at the show. But even without the addition: The gin drinks make a visit to Bathup Gin unique!

Thanks to its long-standing tradition, the gin has of course established itself very well in every country and is equally popular with young and old alike. It is therefore not surprising that there are countless bars around the world that specialize in gin and make it the focus of their business.

Where exactly the best gin bar in the world is located, there are a thousand different opinions. For some, the largest selection is decisive, for others the quality and know-how of the bartenders, which can be excellent even with "only" 100 types of gin. Anyone who loves gin is looking for bars that offer their favorite drink in the best possible way. Whether your vacation is in Austria, America, London, Thailand or Australia, with a little research you can find a good gin and tonic everywhere!