What is the other definition of craft


The craft is a profession and an organizational form of the commercial economy.

The craft activity, which is to be distinguished from the industrial mass production, is a self-employed activity in the field of the treatment and processing of materials as well as in the repair and service sector.

The master craftsman is a worker, investor and entrepreneur in one person who usually produces to order for a largely local or regional sales market. To do this, he avails himself of the vast majority of help from skilled tradesmen and trainees in the same branch of industry.

The organization of the craft is bindingly stipulated in the craft regulations (HandwO). There, in Annex A 41, craft businesses that require approval are named. Such a trade that requires approval is essentially characterized by the fact that the compulsory master craftsman's certificate applies, but examinations other than the master craftsman's examination are also recognized (e.g. the degree from a German university if it is equivalent to the master craftsman's examination). In addition, a prerequisite for the operation of the skilled trades subject to authorization is the entry in the trade role, a directory of all owners of a business enterprise named in Annex A in the chamber district. Annex B lists 53 unlicensed trades, for which no qualification and therefore no journeyman's examination are required for independent practice.

In addition to these companies that require and do not require authorization, Appendix B also lists trades that can be operated in a craft-like manner and do not require a master craftsman to practice.