Is Naruto faster than the current Raikage


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DarkspinHero wrote:
HyoNamikaze wrote:
hmm ... so minato can not go everywhere but over long distances (if it has set a marker in the same place as madara) it is faster than madara because it only disappears through the spiral and minato is gone like the lightning ..

and at a short distance, minato is just as fast as naruto or A when he sets the mark (you can say whether naruto or minato is faster, only both were definitely faster than A) .. because A himself says he is the fastest shinobi after minato. . Since this one is dead, he is the fastest.

and madara is quick in hand-to-hand combat ?! no, I think he can quickly make himself inviolable, avoid normal fast like A..etc. has not yet been seen.

Everything is correct, but you can't just ignore the time it takes to set the markings.
It also takes time to set them and that's why Madara is faster than Minato in my opinion.
But if I think about it, I would be able to be persuaded over a short distance that Minato is ahead.
He can lay his markings pretty quickly with his kunai.

The markings make it difficult to compare Minato's speed with Naruto / A, but I tried to evaluate not only the pure speed but also the way in which the speed is used and what disadvantages it has.
In terms of sheer speed, Minato would easily be in first place, but the markings are a disadvantage that Madara does not have.
As I wrote, Guy with 7 goals with under might even be faster than Naruto or A, but it just has too big disadvantages.
After careful consideration, I would even put Guy in 4th place after Minato ...

so on the subject to set the mark too slowly ... minato threw a few kunais with markings everywhere in the fight with A .. from then on he is already fast enough to evade .. also minato was very quick in terms of reactivity even without marking. To see the mark as a disadvantage, I find it strange .. he can always dodge whenever he wants to an x ​​any kunai ... besides, minato has already won the battle of speed once against A and once against Madara .. both were closed slowly (madara is, in my opinion, when it comes to attack and evasive ability not to compare with Minato, A Naruto .. his space / time jutsu is limited to * getting everywhere * (with a certain lameness compared to minato)

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