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Digital teaching New video conference tool for schools in Bavaria

From the school year 2021/22, schoolchildren and teachers will use the “Visavid” video conference tool for digital lessons. The contract of the previous MS Team offer of the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs will also be extended temporarily until the end of the current school year.

With Visavid, the Ministry of Culture will provide central Bavaria-wide video conference software for all schools - including elementary schools - and school supervisory authorities from the end of April. This means that simple software tailored to schools is available that can be used for pandemic-related “learning at home”, but is also suitable for numerous other purposes in future everyday school life.

Minister of Education Prof. Dr. Michael Piazolo explained: “Visavid is a user-friendly, tailor-made and privacy-compliant video conferencing tool for our schools. Now all schools - including elementary schools - have a program that is easy to use and can be operated on all devices - without any installation whatsoever. "

Visavid is a product tailored to the specific school requirements. In addition, data processing is only guaranteed in large EU data centers. This is an important step towards digital sovereignty in Bavarian schools.

Visavid can easily be used by all students and teachers in Bavaria on any device with the help of a browser. A comprehensive training program is also available to future users.

"As we know that some schools in Bavaria are currently using the MS Teams offer from the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs, we have now extended the contract to the end of the current school year," said Minister Piazolo. This gives these schools a transition period of several months during which they can prepare for their future video conferencing solution. The Ministry of Culture expressly thanks Microsoft for this. "With our two video conference tools, we are making schools a very low-threshold and attractive offer," says Michael Piazolo.

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