Writing can be subjective


The adjective subjective is used in two different contexts:

[1] Subjective means “from one subject"Or" to one subject“Belonging. The subject can be, for example, a person or an animal.

In this context, will subjective also used in language teaching and linguistics.

[2] Furthermore, can subjective be used as a synonym for “personal”, “own”, “not factual” or not “not objective”. Opposites to subjective are in this case "factual" and "objective".

The term goes to the Latin subiectus back, which means something like "below" or "adjacent".

Usage examples

In order to clear up the break-in, the investigators take the subjective The criminal's point of view and reconstruct the sequence of events.

[1] That subjective For him, the perception of animals is an important foundation on which his argument about stricter animal protection laws is based.

[1] The law only knows such values. In other words: what the residents subjective perceive, does not have to be decisive for any countermeasures. As far as noise protection is not exactly simplified: the influence of the municipality, for example when it comes to road renovations, is limited.

Suggestions from the report, Alexander Kauffmann, schwarzwaelder-bote.de, November 27, 2019.

[2] "This is only yours subjective Opinion, the facts speak a different language! "

[2] Pure subjective seen you can even understand the decision.

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