Why does an air conditioner make noise

The air conditioning makes so much noise

Have you noticed unusual noises on your air conditioning for a long time? Noises in the pipes, crackling, whistling or creaking ... A noisy air conditioning system often indicates a technical problem, but that doesn't necessarily have to be bad! Learn what steps you should take to identify possible causes of unusual noises from your air conditioner.


Security advice:
Before any intervention, disconnect your device from the power supply.
Risk of electric shock.

Practical advice
How does air conditioning work? It works on the same principle as a refrigerator: there are two "compartments". The first (the evaporator) is located inside the room to be cooled, while the second(the capacitor) is outside to remove the heat. These two units are connected by a tight and closed circuit in which the Refrigerant flows. Easy isn't it?


The air conditioner is constantly changing air, so it is normal for it to change over time Dust accumulates on the air conditioner filter. This build-up of dust can make strange noises. The solution is simple: clean the entire dirty filter!

Buy an air conditioner filter


To cool the temperature of your room, the dries air conditioning the air by sucking up the moisture present (from the top of the unit) and blowing the cooled airflow towards the evaporator (downwards). This process of air circulation is made possible by the fan causes in the inner part of your air conditioner. The fan is usually located near the evaporator (the section that produces the cold). If the evaporator gets too cold, the fan will come into contact with frost or ice and will cause friction noises as a result. To check this, unplug the air conditioner from the mains and remove the air conditioner covers (there are screws to remove!). Look in the middle of the device to see if the vaporizer is too frosty. If this is the case, defrost your deviceby leaving it off for several hours. Then all you have to do is turn it on.


The noise of the fan motor remains despite the measures in the previous step? It is likely that the The fan is bent or crackedmaking a loud noise. You will likely need to replace the part. To do this, remove the casing of your air conditioner (remember to unplug the device) and then remove the fan, which is normally accessible from below.


Do you hear vibrations or blows? Your air conditioner works thanks to the Circulation of a cold liquid. This liquid circulates in closed tubes. If the pipes get too close, they can begin to vibrate or make pounding noises. When you have removed the casing of your air conditioner, you can follow the pipes to check this. If so, you can try carefully to widen the space between the pipes.


You are listening Whistling in the pipelines Your air conditioner? Sometimes the circulation of the cold liquid creates a whistling, hissing or wave sound. This is completely normal and indicates that the refrigerant is circulating in your pipes. However, if you hear the noises more and more often and louder, you will need to contact a refrigeration technician to repair the damage.


Do you hear a faint creak in your lines? This sound comes from the Expansion and contraction of the tubes as a result of the temperature fluctuations to which they are exposed. If these noises occur only occasionally, there is nothing to be alarmed about. Otherwise you will need to contact a refrigeration engineer.