Which is better breasts or buttocks

Why men are either into bums or boobs

Did you know it's scientifically proven that men can't love bums and boobs alike? At least that's what researchers around Jerry S. Wiggins, an American psychologist, say. You would have found out that men either Po- or are breast types, it says on the news site huffingtonpost.de. We'll tell you what that can say about you here.

Personality decides whether a man is a bum or a breast type

As early as the 1960s, the researchers mentioned came to the conclusion that there were two categories of men. Either you'd be on your butt OR on Breasts stand. An important result of this study was that it depends primarily on the man's personality whether he prefers a beautiful, well-shaped bottom or round, full breasts.

Men who love bums

If men prefer a woman's butt, they are supposed to have a desire for order. You should often work in business and lead a structured life. In your life, you want success first and foremost.

Nationality also plays an important role here. Argentines in particular are said to be looking for a firm buttocks - in contrast to the British, who are supposedly less interested in it.

Men who love breasts

The researchers found interesting tendencies in men who prefer breasts. They should feel connected to exhibitionism and are often smokers. They should also love to be the center of attention. That is why they prefer their breasts to their butts: They immediately attract attention and attract everyone's attention. At least when it comes to large breasts.

The researchers differentiate between men who like small breasts and men who like a plump cleavage. It is said that men who come from wealthy families prefer small breasts. The reason for this is that embodied by the fashion world Ideal of beauty. Because in the fashion industry, slim, slim women with small breasts are a sign of beauty.

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