Is infrared harmful or helpful

Effect of the infrared cabin: harmful or healthy?

A stay in the infrared cabin is pleasant and relaxing - there is no doubt in this regard. The warmth has a positive effect on the human body and soul, because we simply feel better in comfortable warmth than in the cold. However, there are always discussions as to whether the infrared cabin is actually healthy for the body or whether it can also have a harmful effect.

In this post we would like the Effect of infrared cabins shed light on which diseases it can help with and which positive and negative effects are known.

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What long-term effects does the infrared cabin have on health?

Infrared radiation is a component of optical radiation. It is also called Thermal radiation designated. The sun also emits infrared radiation: half of the sun's rays consist of IR rays. These IR rays are used in a targeted manner in the infrared cabin.

Infrared rays have been around for a long time used for medical purposes, for example in radiation and heating lamps to treat inflammation directly. With the help of the infrared cabin, a more extensive irradiation and thus an even better treatment of health problems has been possible for some time.

Infrared cabin effect with a cold

Regular use of the infrared sauna can do that strengthen your immune system and thus contribute to the prevention of colds. When the body temperature rises, the cells in the body work better, which makes the metabolism is stimulated and the immune cells are activated. Pathogens are therefore better combated. Ideally, the bacteria in the body are killed before the first cold symptoms even occur.

However, you should Not with already existing signs of a cold or even fever go to the infrared sauna. A visit to the infrared cabin would put additional strain on the body, which could even worsen the physical condition. The main effect of an infrared cabin with a cold is to prevent it from developing.

Infrared sauna effect on rheumatism

In particular, an infrared sauna with IR-A radiation can be an enrichment for rheumatism patients.

  • This radiation creates a so-called Deep warmththat goes into the bloodstream and has a positive effect on the entire body.
  • It is heated from the inside out, which leads to an expansion of the blood vessels. The Blood circulation is improved and the muscle tension decreases.
  • In addition, the heat in the infrared cabin helps Endorphins to pour out.

The interaction of all these effects can help to reduce the symptoms associated with rheumatic diseases.

Infrared cabin effect on the skin

The infrared sauna also has good effects on skin problems. Sweating triggers a cleansing process in the body, which Toxins are excreted through the skin become. A subsequent cold shower of water is ideal for removing sebum, dead skin, dust and dirt from the skin down to the pores. Regular visits to the infrared cabin can therefore significantly improve the complexion - also and especially with problems such as Acne or eczema.

Does the infrared cabin help you lose weight?

Researchers have come to the conclusion that sweating in the infrared cabin increases the body's basal metabolic rate. About 600 calories burn up in just 30 minutes in the infrared sauna while doing nothing. Of course, just going into the heated cabin cannot work miracles. However, if you also eat healthily and exercise, you can achieve healthy weight loss. In this respect, regular sweating in the infrared cabin can definitely be a problem valuable help in losing weight be.

Infrared cabin pros and cons: good for your health

There are still conflicting opinions and statements on the subject of “infrared cabin health”. So read on if you want to find out more about the points of criticism and the advantages of the infrared cabin and its effect on health.

Infrared cabin disadvantages - negative effects

Usually the infrared cabin does not have any negative effects - as long as you make sure that it is used properly. Otherwise, the short-wave infrared component (IR-A) that is required for deep heat can be also risks bring. In addition to possible skin burns, this also includes eye injuries.

  • The Burns to the skin however, you usually avoid it automatically because you will leave the cabin if the skin becomes too hot and painful.
  • A bit more Care should be taken with the eyes: The cornea lets the IR-A radiation through, so that it hits the retina and possibly causes damage there - just as sunlight can lead to such eye damage.

It is therefore important to enjoy the radiation from the infrared cabin only to a limited extent and, if necessary, to wear protective goggles.

Beware of pregnancy and previous illnesses

unwanted effects The infrared cabin can also cause pregnant women and people with certain previous illnesses. These include, for example:

  • Sensory disturbances
  • epilepsy
  • high blood pressure
  • Paralysis
  • Big scars

Waiver in case of health problems & narcotics

Also at taking medicationthat affect the sensation of warmth, caution is advised. In these cases, talk to your doctor before using an infrared cabin to be on the safe side.

In acute health problemssuch as infections, fever, inflammation, thrombosis and injuries, you should avoid going into the heated cabin as well as under Influence of alcohol or drugs, after a visit to the solarium and after sunbathing.

Infrared cabin advantages: positive effects of IR saunas

One of the few disadvantages and risks of the infrared cabin is available Multitude of advantages opposite. A major plus point is that the heat is not created by heating the air, but by the impact of the IR radiation on your skin.

  • The heat is generated within a few seconds and can penetrate deep into the body, where it immediately takes effect. So let yourself be Joint pain and tension in a few minutes alleviate.
  • Furthermore, by sweating in the heated cabin Excreted toxins, the Blood circulation is cranked and the metabolism gets going.
  • A stay in the infrared cabin also has a beneficial effect on the soul: Similar to solar radiation, IR radiation has a beneficial effect Release of endorphins.

What is the study situation on this topic?

So far it is Study situationwho deals with the health effects of infrared saunas is still very much limited. The well-known infrared cabin manufacturer Physiotherm has already carried out a study with its own heat cabin and obtained the following findings:

  • Increase in the basal metabolic rate
  • Tendency to lower the resting heart rate and blood pressure
  • Physiologically and immunologically comparable to light cardiovascular training
  • No negative effects whatsoever on the recorded parameters

In 2006, the dermatological clinic in Jena also dealt with the question of what effects the infrared cabin has on the skin in particular. It was proven that the stay is natural Strengthen the protective acid mantle of the skin can. The Dermatological Clinic therefore recommends taking a sauna, especially for atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.


What effect does the infrared cabin have on health?

Infrared radiation has an effect on health, just like solar radiation. The radiation can promote blood circulation, help with colds, tension or rheumatism and help with skin problems. Infrared cabins are also used to lose weight.

Compared to the sauna, the application in the infrared sauna is less on the circulation and helps with muscle tension.

What are infrared rays and what are they used for?

Infrared rays are electromagnetic waves that are invisible to the human eye. You briefly said the Effect of sun rays. However, there are near and far infrared, this has a different effect and extends deeper into the skin.

The Areas of application of IR radiation are diverse, in medicine, building services, photography and the security industry.
Read more about infrared radiation or what it is used for here.

Infrared cabin for colds?

Basically you should watch out for coldsthat the already impaired organism is no longer stressed. However, this includes going to the sauna (and thus high temperatures). In infrared cabins, however, the temperature is significantly lower.

Still, the cabin should not with a fever be used. If you have a slight cold, a short stay is not a problem. After the application, however, you should not go outdoors sweaty.

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