What are the most underrated Chrome extensions

Web browser security checklist

✓ Browser update

If you surf with an outdated browser version, just visiting a website can lead to a virus infection. Most browsers are now automatically supplied with updates, but sometimes this process gets stuck or a browser restart is necessary to install the update. If you have installed browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera from time to time, use the info dialog to check whether your version is up-to-date and whether you need to restart your browser. Windows Update takes care of Microsoft Edge, Apple's Safari is taken care of by macOS.

✓ Check extensions

Browser extensions can access everything that happens within the browser - including online banking. If an extension has bad intentions, it can manipulate or forward the data at will. Before installing, carefully check how long the extension has been available, how often it has been downloaded and how it has been rated by other users. Avoid extensions with few downloads and ratings. Sort out already installed extensions that you no longer use. Under Chrome, for example, you will find a list in the menu under "More Tools / Extensions", in the Edge menu under Extensions and in the Firefox menu under Add-ons / Extensions.

✓ Sort out plug-ins

You should avoid browser plug-ins such as Flash, Java and Silverlight as they are a security problem. The best thing to do is to uninstall it. If you come across a website with Flash content that is important to you, you should go to it with Google Chrome if possible. This browser always has the latest Flash and only executes it after confirmation. You should only allow Java content, if at all, on trustworthy sites - such as the intranet.

✓ use https: //

Control as many websites as possible using their HTTPS address. This ensures that the data can be transmitted TLS / SSL-encrypted. If the browser displays a warning when you visit an HTTPS page, it is better to cancel the visit - it could be an attack. The browser extension HTTPS Everywhere (available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera from heise download) ensures that as many browser connections as possible are encrypted.

✓ Authorizations

Authorizations allow websites to have extensive access to your computer: starting with your location via camera and microphone to the contents of the clipboard. Only agree if there is a comprehensible reason for using the function.

Thoroughly clean up the permissions that have already been granted. A list can be found in the Chrome settings under Advanced / Content Settings and in the Firefox settings under "Privacy & Security / Permissions". (rei)