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Altdorf fitness center Goodlife says goodbye

Altdorf fitness center Goodlife says goodbye

The fitness center in Altdorf has to close its doors in August. The corona pandemic kills the company.

A piece of fitness history comes to an end in Altdorf: The Goodlife fitness center will close in August. "The decision hurts us very much," says co-owner Martha Zbinden (59), who runs the center with her husband Toni (62). The trained sports therapist and fitness trainer founded Goodlife in 2003 together with him.

Corona broke the neck of her center, says Martha Zbinden. During two months the income sank to zero while the fixed costs remained high. Even after that, things did not go on as before. "We are geared towards fitness and health," explains the operator. “The customers we address with the courses were less relaxed about the situation than the youngsters did. Many no longer dared to train in a group, as there were also risk patients among them. "

The income of other subscribers has decreased, which means that they are reluctant to renew their subscription. Another customer group is afraid of a second wave. And the fourth reason to stay away from the gym at the moment is the summer weather. "It all contributed to our decision to quit." It was important for the operators to write to their customers personally and thank them for their loyalty. They are currently thinking about connection solutions and holding corresponding discussions. “There are customers who have been with us from the very first moment. For them it hurts us particularly », says Martha Zbinden. "That was our life, we put all our energy into it and met great people." What should happen to the fitness equipment is also not yet clear. «Our life is upside down. We still need some time. " It is also still unclear how the operating couple will continue to work professionally.

One thing is certain: the competition on the fitness market is fierce. In 2017 it became known that the Migros “One Training Center” was opening in the Ruag area, whereas the “Impuls” in the village center had previously closed. There is also the Gislers fitness center as another pioneer of the Uri fitness scene. In spring 2018, the Nicas Gym was added as a further competitor, which is only a few hundred meters away from “Goodlife”, offers a little more training space and is accessible 24 hours a day.

Goodlife has always attracted attention through innovations: In mid-March 2019, a so-called “Functional Box” was launched in the training center, a workshop supplement.