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I feel ashamed.

Really there was only a chance to participate if you were online at 9:00 a.m. on the dot. A few minutes later and she was gone. And whether you believe it or not, not everyone can sit in front of a PC at exactly this time. That is really unfriendly to the customer.

But ok, managed at some point, uploaded the receipt. Rejection because the products are not detailed enough on the receipt. That would be ok if there was the possibility to submit a new photo as usual. No way. You should wait again until there is a new contingent and submit everything again! Subsequent submitting was never a problem with other providers. And above all: A special number of submissions will be advertised. If the quota is not increased by the rejections the next day, less will be paid out than advertised. In my opinion, this is consumer deception and false advertising!

At some point I managed to get back online on time. Everything entered directly at 09.00. And with copy + paste, so not much time passed. Error message.
Page updated, number of participations decreased, but still <1200 open. Everything entered again, error message again.
Updated again, <800 participations open, again the page refuses to send. Error message.
Waited 2 min, if there is a general problem with the page, updated. Participation is no longer possible.
(everything can be proven with screenshots)

Contacted support, claiming the counter was not working properly and not counting down. Aha, that's why the number of participants also fell. And of course there were already 10,000 submissions at exactly 9 a.m.

On the last day I made it again. Already enormously upset about how things have gone so far. Started to update the page at 8:58 a.m. so that I really belong to the first. Page shows error 404 only. At 9 am she left again, allegedly all participations went away, the form could not even be loaded.
A few minutes later, that changed, apparently the form was only activated too late. Again tried to submit the single bottles. The same error message despite the quota displayed. Again, the game is repeated twice until the counter has reached 0.
(Video of the problems also exists as evidence)

Here, too, I reported back to support. Again the excuse regarding the allegedly broken counter.
But what I also find really cheeky: in response to my complaint, they said there was enough time to submit it! Sure, 1 fixed minute per day (o it may have been a few minutes more on other days) is really sufficient…. Especially if you try to do it on time and the attempt through the form fails.

I consider it to be a deception that not as much is paid out as advertised. But the fact that sending is then blocked by the website really brings the barrel to boil over.

For my part, I will not submit anything more to Marktguru. That anger was more than enough.
And now I'll think twice about buying something from Coca Cola again. The price difference to Pepsi is already too big, but if the products keep reminding me of this annoyance, then they have lost a customer. I wonder if Coca-Cola knows what the market guru is doing and how many customers are annoyed with it and possibly even driven out completely.

I will report this to the consumer advice center so that they can check whether it is really legal to advertise so big with this campaign, give customers little chance and, above all, apparently pay less repayments than claimed.