Why is Donald Trump afraid of Putin

The US withdrew one of its most important informants from Russia for fear of Trump

For years, the source itself provided the United States with classified information from Putin's office. But the CIA feared that the US president was putting its informants in danger.

The US secret service CIA withdrew one of its most important sources, which was working in the Russian government for the US, in 2017. CNN reports, citing several employees of the Trump administration. The source threatened to be exposed by US President Donald Trump and his employees, experts were convinced: Trump's cabinet had not handled secret information properly.

The agent had worked at the top of the Russian security apparatus for more than ten years, reports CNN. He even provided pictures of the documents on President Vladimir Putin's desk. But he did not belong to the closest circle of Putin, wrote the "New York Times".

He was considered one of the most valuable CIA sources, wrote the New York Times, citing people familiar with the case. His information also led to the conclusions of the US secret service that Putin had ordered Moscow to interfere in the US election campaign in 2016. The withdrawal of the top informant is therefore a loss, also with a view to the upcoming US presidential election campaign. Putin, who used to be an intelligence officer himself, had expressly rejected interference on several occasions.

CIA and White House reject representation

The decision to transfer the person to the USA was made shortly after a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in the Oval Office in the White House in May 2017, reports CNN: Trump had sensitive information there about the Islamic State terrorist militia in Syria, which provided by the Israeli secret service, shared with the Russian.

The concerns were sparked after a private meeting between Trump and the Russian President in Hamburg in July 2017. Once again, officials thereafter voiced concerns that Trump was disclosing classified information to the Russians.

Sources of the "New York Times", however, denied that Trump's handling of secret information had led to the withdrawal. Speculation in the US media had put the informant at risk. The CIA and the White House also officially contradicted the station's presentation.

Kremlin: "It's more like junk literature"

The alleged US spy worked in the Russian presidential administration, the Kremlin confirmed. “I don't know if he was an agent or not. I can only confirm that he worked for the presidential administration ”and was fired in“ 2016 or 2017 ”, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday.

The man did not hold a post as a senior civil servant and had no direct contact with President Vladimir Putin. Kremlin spokesman Peskov said US reporting was "more like trash."

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