Can BE students take the NET exam?

Are you interested in distance learning, but cannot make it to the classroom appointments or live too far from the examination centers? Here you will find all information about distance learning without attendance and about the new online exam procedure.

Modern technology and the Internet make it possible nowadays to organize distance learning flexibly. You can learn when you want and where you want. The distance learning universities make all teaching materials and tasks available online, so anyone can complete distance learning alongside their job. Also for those who travel a lot for work or who want to combine family, work and studies. Usually there are a few mandatory attendance appointments, but even distance learning without attendance is now possible at a few universities in Germany.

Distance learning = online study

Many parts of the distance learning course already take place online. In the past, the students received the teaching materials by post; today they download the assignments from the Internet. The distance-learning universities make everything available via a so-called online campus and completed exercises are submitted online. Even seminars are held online. At the DIPLOMA Hochschule, for example, there is virtual lectureswhere the students can tune in via webcam and ask questions.

In order to promote exchange among each other, many distance universities offer an online campus. There, the students can not only download the learning material, but also exchange ideas like in a forum and form project and learning groups. You can also reach the lecturers there and ask them questions.

Distance learning without attendance with online exams

Even if distance learning is declared as an online course, most distance learning universities have few mandatory face-to-face appointments per semester. However, the universities endeavor to keep the proportion of attendance days as low as possible. Most of the time they are only scheduled for exams and exams. But Even the exams can now be written online with some providers. The online exams make distance learning even more flexible. You can take the exam anytime, anywhere. There is no long and possibly expensive journey to the examination center. For some students, the familiar environment also has a positive effect on the examination result.

The IU is the first distance learning university to offer online exams. For the online exams, you need to create a profile for the exam supervisor, select an appointment slot and then you can write the exam online. You also need to install a program on your computer and an app on your mobile phone. The app serves as a surveillance camera and the exam supervisor can see what you are doing on the computer screen via the computer program. You have to write the exam alone in a separate room, which the exam supervisor can film with the camera before you start filming. At the IU, examination supervision is carried out by a service provider from the USA.

Since the online exam procedure is still very new, difficulties can of course arise. At the IU you can also switch back to face-to-face exams at any time if you can cope better with them.

Distance universities that offer online exams

Online exams are still a rarity at Germany's distance learning universities. We are currently aware of the following distance-learning universities that offer online exams:

(Status: 07/17/2019)

It can be assumed that this will change in the near future and that distance learning universities will increasingly switch to online exams. Since there is a lot going on in this area and we strive to be up-to-date, but something can slip through with the change, we ask for your help. Write to us if you know of a distance learning university that offers online exams, or if you have had experience with them.