Alexa will work in Poland

Amazon has Alexa voice commands evaluated at home in Poland

Amazon's voice assistant Alexa does not always understand what the other person actually said - or meant. Therefore evaluations by human listeners help to improve the system. For Germany, according to a media report, this mainly happens in home work in Poland.
Infographic: The Germans would use Siri, Alexa and Co. for this
According to the Welt am Sonntag report, Amazon has set up a network of temporary workers in Poland to evaluate voice commands that were not correctly recognized. They then listen to samples of user inputs that were not correctly recognized and transcribe them in order to continuously improve the recognition of the input quality. But the system raises doubts about data security, as the world is now writing. As far as is known, the analysis of voice inputs does not always take place in a protected environment, i.e. not in "Amazon" offices, although the company had always suggested this up to now.

You can also simply work from home

The Polish temporary workers are also employed at home by Randstad - that is, they can basically listen to the messages with their PC anywhere and work anywhere. This means that users 'personal information can of course also be heard in the evaluators' private surroundings, according to the world.

Basically, family members, visitors or even neighbors can overhear the sensitive data of Alexa users at any time. You can never completely rule that out. Amazon had previously emphasized again and again that the evaluations of the Alexa voice commands are only carried out by employees with particularly strict access restrictions. The world is questioning whether this is always implemented as strictly by the temporary workers as Amazon would like.

After the voice evaluations became known by third parties, Amazon introduced a change with which users can now decide against the evaluation themselves.

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