What does creative advice do


I am a consultant, founder and innovator

I bring my activities to effect on three levels:

  • As a founder, I have built various companies and support impact startups as an investor, business angel or as an advisory board member.
  • As a consultant, I develop and establish for fast-growing companies new structures, business models as well as organizational and leadership architectures.
  • I accompany board members in corporations global transformation tasks: Together we establish sustainable business models or innovation labs, spark cultural change, design organizational structures and make leadership architectures fit for the future.

In the Sustainable business transformation I get both small, fast-moving business ideas and startups flying - as well as large tankers on a new course. I know both worlds with their respective cultures and working methods very well and I feel at home there. My customers benefit from mine ambidextrous mindsetthat enables me to build bridges between traditional and agile worlds
to build.

Making the impossible possible

My clients describe me as a person who abandons established thought patterns and a creative consultant who thinks outside the box. One board put it this way: "Stephan thinks in Moonshots, often of the unattainable and then makes it possible." I have managed large corporate projects for many board members and implemented some disruptive change initiatives. Change requires creativity, consistency and, above all, courage: that of all those responsible.

Do you really want to change something?

So that I can successfully support change and transformation projects, those responsible must have the clear will to change to go new ways and question yourself. Past successes are future failures. Shaping the future needs a fresh mindset. Two things make transformations successful: that Willingness to cooperate of all employees and the Consistency of management. Change will only be successful if top management is seriously prepared to initiate change and implement it consistently in all parts of the company.

If you have this mindset and want to shape the future with me as a creative consultant, then let's talk! I look forward to meeting you.