What is a gizmo in Unity

So far we have adjusted and transformed the "Scene" window around our object. This is useful when you need the exact location of an object. To move around an object faster or to change views. If you use the Scene Gizmo symbol, you can switch between perspective and orthographic views. Because the orthographic views, front, back, top, bottom, right side, left side, have no perspective, you can better adjust the position to each other.

  1. In the "Scene" window, click on the cone Y of the gizmo symbol. You are now in the top view.
  2. Select the "Cube", select the rotate tool
  3. Rotate the cube by 20-30 ° until it is no longer symmetrical
  4. Change the tool to move
  5. Change the coordinate system from Global to Local

The Gizmo object changes its coordinate system, from global to local, this can be useful to move objects or position them in space. So you can align objects to the world coordinates, or via the object coordinates.

  1. Now we move our object in the local X direction
  2. Set the values ​​of our object in the Inspector to 0 again

If you choose the views over this "Scene" gizmo, you can only move in 2 axes, this can be very useful in the projection views.