How can I improve my English efficiently

5 tips to improve your English skills quickly: How to brush up rusty English easily (and on the side)?

What's the fastest way to learn English?

The latest guest post by Luca Sadurny from MosaLingua covers exactly this topic. You get to know them in his opinion 5 best tips to quickly improve your English skills.

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Are you looking for a painless way to improve your English skills? Are you planning a trip to the UK, USA or Australia?

If this is your goal, then there is no need to pore over grammar books for hours. There are much easier, more effective, and more fun ways to improve your language skills that don't even take much initiative.

Have fun reading this article and don't forget to take notes!

Tip # 1: Focus on the minimum requirements

Focus On The Vocabulary By: Savio Sebastian When You Travel

If you are planning a trip to an English-speaking country, then shouldn't your goal be bilingualism!

You can of course aim for these, but with a minimum of vocabulary and basic knowledge of the conjugation of English verbs are enoughto master a conversation with the people on site without any problems.

The idea, therefore, is to focus on the study a few weeks or days before you start your trip most useful phrases for on the go focus so that you can do it inside out.

Where can you find these sentences? In phrasebooks or short e-books or normal books in which vocabulary and sentences are structured according to subject areas that are relevant to travel. In the beginning it is best to concentrate on typical tourist questions like "Do you have a double room available?" or “How do I get to bus line 13?”. Nothing too serious in any case!

Take a look at MosaLingua's phrasebooks and our list of tourism vocabulary. And the best part is that the phrasebooks are free!

Tip # 2: Expand your options for (fun) learning activities

When one speaks of “learning”, the association “boring” does not have to go hand in hand with it.

Because there are so many more ways than memorizing long lists of vocabulary to learn a language and improve your English. Which are they?

For example, listen to music and try to sing along in English. There are even websites that play songs with lyrics. This is a fun and useful way to get your ears used to the English language, improve your pronunciation and learn new words.

Alternatively, you can watch films or series in English. First try to watch the series / film with subtitles in your native language, then with English subtitles and finally (as soon as you are able) without subtitles at all. You will see you like that make progress very quickly, without you really realizing it.

Here you will find: Tips and exercises to improve your English listening comprehension.

Tip # 3: Break the ice and find someone to talk to

When learning a foreign language, we go through different stages: Writing comprehension, listening comprehension, written expression and finally oral expression. The last stage is undoubtedly the hardest: practicing speaking English.

Sprachheld reading tip: Helpful exercises and examples for conversation and small talk in English.

There are many websites out there to help you practice, but my favorite is iTalki. The idea of ​​the page is not to write yourself like a pen pal. No, the goal of iTalki is to help you practice for at least one hour a week (three hours a week would be ideal), and that is with the help of a language partner, who wants to learn your mother tongue or teach you his own.

Talk to someone you are talking to in front of your computer or, even better, over a cup of coffee!

When you have chosen a partner, first exchange a few words in writing, and once the ice is broken, try a Skype call.

And if you live close enough together, make an appointment for a face-to-face meeting, Talking to each other for a few hours in a café.

This is a great way to improve your English and make new friends at the same time!

Sprachheld reading tip: 5 ways to find a suitable tandem partner for a language tandem.

Tip # 4: Make the most of your free time

When learning a new language, giving time to study is often difficult. But even 5 minutes a day is enough to make progress. Just download an app to learn English and use your free time to study with the app!

Of course, you can argue that you have no free time. But with a mobile app, you can also practice while commuting to work, waiting in line, or even before bed. And the best: You can study while you travel, not just before.

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Tip # 5: Get started and don't be afraid of making mistakes!

Shyness is the language learner's greatest enemy. To learn English or improve your language skills, the motto is practice, practice and practice again. Speaking to native English speakers will help you spot your mistakes and learn to correct them so that you don't repeat them again.

And my additional tip: Start now! Don't be afraid to start a conversation, be it in a café, bar, hostel, hotel, shared apartment or with the person sitting next to you on the train. As is well known, practice makes perfect. To get to perfection, you need practice.

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About the author: This post was made by Luca Sadurny written. The language-loving and polyglot Italian speaks 6 languages ​​himself. On the MosaLingua blog, Luca regularly writes articles with helpful tips and efficient strategies for learning foreign languages ​​and improving language skills.

Incidentally, Mosalingua is a language learning program (similar to Babbel, only in our opinion far better), with which you can learn various other languages ​​in addition to English. In the Sprachheld interview with Luca Sadurny, you can find out more about the Mosalingua principle for learning a foreign language.

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