Where can I get Doener in Jamshedpur

Moti Mahal Delux, Jamshedpur

Few weeks back, I was invited to a lunch party at this restaurant. It was a large group, at least 25-26 people, and a number of items were ordered. In short, it was a cumbersome situation. The waiters took a long time to serve and they were deeply confused. Some of my friends were also their overall service. But even in this mess, I noticed that on one thing, that the taste was good. And I also think that this kind of disorderly situation might not take place if I do a visit there individually. So, I visited this hotel last night together with my wife. And I think it was correct. Not only did we like the taste of their food, their service was excellent too. Well there is another take. Throughout the month of Shravan, many people adhere to the strict vegetarian eating habit, and usually they avoid the restaurants where non-vegetable food is served. And even though it was a Saturday night, a few tables were empty, and maybe that was because of the superfast service. However, for ordinary people, you can expect some delay in service and waiting to be seated (this is common in almost all popular restaurants these days). The ones after eating…. . . We were looking for a suitable chicken ... ... not very spicy, but not too much. The waiter suggested "dehati chicken" which was not in the menu card. We ordered this and the taste was ok. The quantity of food served was also very good, giving a feeling of "value for money". The other dishes like jeera rice, butter naan and alu jeera were also very satisfactory. All in all we had a great dinner. We didn't order any tandoor items last night, but they did have some of them in the menu. So this hotel definitely deserves more visits and I will. Good ambience and courteous staff. I highly recommend it.More