How can I upload a song

Youtube Music: How to upload your own music

It has long been known that Youtube Music is to replace the Google Play Music service. Youtube Music is already preinstalled on new devices with Android 9 and Android 10. So far, the YouTube service has fewer features than Google Play Music, but now it is at least known that it is possible to upload your own music. We are already explaining to you how you can upload your favorite tracks when you are on the go.

Upload music to the computer

Youtube Music can process different audio formats, namely the following: FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG and WMA. So make sure that the tracks you want to import are in one of these formats.

Uploading your favorite tracks to Youtube Music will work as follows on your computer in the future:

  • Open the page in your browser and log in with your details if necessary.
  • Drag and drop your song files anywhere on the page
  • click on your profile picture and then select the menu item "Upload music".

A progress bar will then show you that your music is being uploaded. The Google help pages indicate that it may take a while to confirm the successful upload. By the way, music uploads do not work on mobile devices at first.

Manage and search your own music

You cannot upload your music from your smartphone, but you can manage it: The mobile YouTube app must be version 3.51 or higher for this. Then you can go to “Mediathek | Songs | Uploads ”or under“ Media library | Albums | Uploads your music ”manage and search.

What else do we know about switching to Youtube Music?

Google promises on its corresponding support page to inform users in good time if Youtube Music completely replaces Google Play Music. It should then also be possible to transfer your own media library seamlessly and without problems to the new service. Duplicate versions of your uploaded tracks will be automatically removed from your library if you accidentally upload the same track twice.

In addition, uploads should not have any influence on the recommendations that you get on Youtube Music. And of course Google promises that you can listen to your uploaded music without ads and also offline. You do not need to have a premium subscription for Youtube Music to do this.

Youtube Music ensures that your music can only be played by you. You can share playlists with others, but they won't have access to your music. Not even if you are on your Google Play Music or Youtube family plan.

Do you use Youtube Music or do you prefer Google Play Music? What do you think about merging the two services? Let us know what you think in a comment.