Fun to play Wii sports

Wii Sports Resort

Anne Sauer (editorial team writes:

As always, the big plus at Wii Sports Resort is its simplicity. The game is easy to control with intuitive movements. For those who still have problems, an extensive introduction before each game ensures that they can learn quickly.

Unfortunately, you can't expect a big story from the successor to Wii Sports either. Again, it's all about cracking the high score and measuring with others. The selection of games is varied, if not always convincing. While games such as table tennis or basketball impress with their long-lasting fun factor in the multiplayer mode, you quickly lose the desire to play, for example when wake boarding or cycling, due to the monotony of the movements. Due to the selection of several games, there should be something for everyone here.

The basic gameplay is also retained in the continuation of Wii Sports. Here, too, the mini-games are controlled by one's own movement. A clear plus with Wii Sports Resort is the control thanks to "Wii MotionPlus". With the help of this small additional device, movements are transferred to the game much more precisely than was the case with its predecessor. This is particularly noticeable in games such as table tennis, where even playing with the backhand is now recognized and implemented on the screen. The only disadvantage: an additional module is required for each player. Only one “Wii MotionPlus” module is supplied with the Wii Sports Resort. If you want to retrofit your four controllers, that costs just under 18 € per “Wii Motion Plus”.

Conclusion: Wii SportsResort has the same advantages as its predecessor. It offers short fun in between, with some games such as sword fighting, archery or table tennis again offering potential for a small Wii tournament. Differences to the predecessor can be seen on the one hand in the larger game selection (10 new games that are more or less fun) and on the other hand in the greatly improved controls. The only thing missing is the new charm that made Wii Sports so revolutionary at the time. Wii Sports Resort is not a milestone, but it is again a successful family and party game. The game is suitable for everyone from 6 years of age.

October 16, 2009 at 12:01 pm