What is the neurology of happiness

Neurology: Feelings of happiness - How happiness is created in the brain

Presenting medical facts in a generally understandable way - this is a trend in the non-fiction market: Guts with charm and fit in the crotch are examples that are well-sold. The neurologist Christof Kessler has stepped up in the complex area of ​​the human brain, and he surpasses both of the above by far.

How is our brain structured and how does it work? If you couldn't grasp this during your studies, it is presented here in a concise, understandable and scientifically sound manner.

The division into a concise and cleverly structured text and an extensive list of sources makes the book easy to read without sacrificing academic standards and topicality. If you want, you can deepen yourself into the topic using literature references and subject indexes. Pictures illustrate the statements in the book in a memorable way.

Dopamine, serotonin and the factory of happiness in the brainstem - how is this connected again? Sugar is addicting, but unsaturated fatty acids are smart. Daydreaming makes you depressed, meditation helps against it - did you know?

Surprising insights and perspectives, clever references to current politics and social development, well-founded life-support: the book is written quickly and turns the page where you can recognize yourself. Very large non-fiction.

Christof Kessler has already presented books that are easy to read and at the same time scientifically sound; this is his best so far. Malte Bohm

Christof Kessler: Feelings of happiness - How happiness is created in the brain and other amazing findings from brain research. C. Bertelsmann, Munich 2017, 384 pages, hardcover, 22 euros