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New beta from WhatsApp: Use one account on multiple devices at the same time

The new beta version of WhatsApp for Android again suggests the device-independent use of the messenger via WhatsApp Web with an account without WhatsApp Web having to be connected to a main device that has an Internet connection.

One account, multiple devices

It has long been known that WhatsApp is working on being able to use the service on more than one device with one and the same account, but the exact implementation is still not entirely clear. The new beta version for Android indicates that WhatsApp Web could initially be changed in such a way that the connected smartphone does not have to be constantly online to send and receive messages via the web interface. WhatsApp can also be used in the browser via WhatsApp Web after confirmation by smartphone via a QR code, but the smartphone must be constantly online and connected to the WhatsApp servers.

Up to four devices can be activated

The new function for WhatsApp Web, which can be used on up to four devices at the same time, is currently not yet publicly available. As soon as this changes, the function can be activated in the settings for WhatsApp Web in the Android version. It is not yet known whether the main device has to be connected to a second device every time the service is initialized. In the current beta, phone calls via WhatsApp Web are not yet possible with the new function, but this should change in the future. Muting, deleting and archiving chats via WhatsApp Web on the main device is also currently not possible.

Confirmation of the terms of use and data protection

In addition, for the first time in the new version, WhatsApp's terms of use and data protection must be actively approved in the app. However, this step does not change the storage and end-to-end encryption of the messages.

It is currently not known when WhatsApp will publicly test the new function and finally officially introduce it.

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