Why are huskies so tearful

My dog ​​is whining - what can I do?

My dog ​​is whining - what can I do?

Our four-legged friends also have their own language, but unfortunately we humans understand it too seldom. Before you get used to a noise in particular, you should deal more with dog language. : A dog makes itself big or small, puts on its ears, ruffles its fur or wags its tail. The dog uses several signals. You have to pay attention to all parts of the body and be able to interpret them. He's as good at expressing how he's feeling as we are. Dogs can also exchange tenderness by licking a part of their body or by giving a "kiss" or nudging their nose. In dog language there are many sounds and signals that humans need to learn and understand. The whining and whining is also a mystery to some owners. But we should never forbid our dogs to do this. Because a whine or howl is a sound that the dog tries to convey to us humans. We can be glad that dogs do this too and don't run away like cats when they are bad.
The most annoying quirk of dogs is when the dog whines all the time. But we should try to understand them and find an appropriate solution for them and for us. Because there are even cases where the owners were so overwhelmed that they brought their dogs to the shelter or even took him to the vet to put him to sleep. To avoid this, this article is about different ways to whine and how to find a solution. We also want to get to the bottom of the whining and find out what exactly is causing the whining, howling and whining.
1. My dog ​​whines all the time

Who doesn't know it from his dog; We are finally back from our very long and extensive walk and really just want to have some rest or do something else to work for us, then we can already hear it. A small but very fine whine comes to our ears. Although we have just been busy with our dog, he starts to cry again heartbreakingly. And the more we go into it, the louder it gets over time.
The reason for this is quickly found. It's clear here that your dog only wants one thing from you: attention. Apparently he has not learned to occupy himself alone or to remain calm. This mostly occurs in younger dogs and quickly becomes a problem for us. No matter how cute and clumsy our little puppies are, they were used to being watched, played with and looked after all day long. Now that they are a little older, we think that they finally have to grow up and they should learn to be more independent as well. Fortunately, this problem is quicker and easier to solve in young dogs than in older animals.

Finding the solution to this is also very logical and clear. Dogs usually live in a pack. If a lower-ranking animal whines or howls, it is growled at or ignored. And we, as a new pack for the dog, should act as if we were in a pack. After a while the first successes will come and then we can call our animals back to us and praise them for being so good and quiet.
1. My dog ​​whines while walking

As soon as you step outside the door with your dog, our dogs start to whine and are very nervous. They almost never stop and are very focused on different brands of fragrances.
The cause for this can be a perfectly normal instinct. Namely the sexual instinct. Anyone who is in the area with their male dog, whether neutered or not, and notices that the dog is pulling on the leash like crazy, should consider that there may be a bitch in heat nearby and spraying her pheromones. The fact that the dog reacts very strongly is absolutely normal and should not be taken too seriously.
There is no real solution to this "problem". In any case, one should not let the male get close to the bitch. This would rather increase the urge. Apart from changing the direction of travel, there will be no concrete solution.
2. My dog ​​doesn't complain otherwise, but he has recently been crying softly

If the dog does not normally howl or howl, attention should be given immediately. An animal that is otherwise always very content and calm and starts whimpering out of the blue and looking at you with big eyes should be careful.
The dog is very likely to be in great pain and should go to the vet immediately. Symptoms can include a variety of symptoms, such as a toothache or abdominal distension.
3. My dog ​​whines and whines while sleeping

A dog that has a completely intact life, that is doing very well and that is very happy, can of course complain in its sleep. Because here it is very clear why it is. Your dog is dreaming. What is not clear to anyone, even if we masters would like to know. We just assume that he processes experiences that have happened in the past.
Whether it is negative or positive experiences that our dogs dream of remains their secret. My dog ​​also loves to "run" in his sleep. Sometimes I wake up to a loud throb and notice that my Nuvola is twitching its paws wildly. You can also hear howling and real howling from her.
You should just let your dog go to sleep, because we don't like it when we are woken up in the middle of the night and the other person's argument is: “You, you are a bit too loud, that bothers me!” And we wake up too no people talking in their sleep. So just sleep and enjoy.
4. My new dog whines all the time

If you have your dog relatively new, this problem will also affect you. The new four-legged friend probably comes from the animal shelter or from relatives or was taken over by friends. The dog whines and howls and is not so interested in you. He stands in front of the window and looks longingly out. Presumably our dog misses its old home and its old pack. Dogs are creatures of habit who do not appreciate being torn away by one pack and put into another from one day to the next.

It is said that time heals all wounds. In this case, the saying applies in every case. The best thing to do is to cuddle the dog a lot, take it with us on excursions, for example, or just spend a lot of time with it. In the case of particularly loyal four-legged friends, it can even take months before he is over his old home. But even this will soon subside and then nothing will stand in the way of a new coexistence.