Is your personality suitable for your job

Job test

Which job suits your personality best? This free job test can give you an insight into your professional personality. Based on a characterization of your personality according to the Holland Code personality types, you will learn which work environments and professions suit you best. The result of this occupation test consists of a list of occupations that match your professional personality.

Choose a job that suits your preferences and increase your chances of success!

Instructions for the professional test

The free job test lasts five to ten minutes. You will see fifteen sets of four pictures showing specific activities. All you have to do is choose one activity that you like the most and one that you don't like the least.

Do not choose the job based on the status or income associated with it. Don't make your choices based on gender or race. Imagine doing the shown task yourself and decide whether or not you want to do it.

If you enjoy doing the activity, click that in the picture. If you don't like the activity, click that in the picture. You need to pick a liking and a dislike for each set.