What do teenagers worry about

This is what Austria’s youth dream of

Health (31.8 percent), money (25.7 percent) and family (15.7 percent) are the three top mentions for the personal future of Austrian young people. In real life, financial independence (69 percent), job (65.9 percent) and career (59.4 percent) play an important role.

The greatest problem for young people is the increasing pressure to perform. Eight out of ten respondents, i.e. 83.8 percent, rate it as very high or high. They blame society for this (25.9 percent). Many of the young adults assume that the pressure to perform was much lower in the times of their parents.

Young people's worries

The majority of respondents see their private future as positive (43.6 percent), but only 26.9 percent also see their financial future as rosy. 48.2 percent of young people are worried about the fear of losing their jobs. Before that, only the death (68.3 percent) or illness (63.3 percent) of a friend or family member ranked.

When asked about the desirable development of society, 62.1 percent of those questioned were in favor of "more respect in dealing with others". Especially the equality of men and women (53.7 percent), same-sex couples and people of different origins is of great concern to young people. 53.2 percent also long for more value to be placed on the family.

This is what young people want

"You can say that the Austrian youth has more traditional wishes. They want health, a job and money to live on. They don't want a villa or wealth, which many adults may assume. The 'I live into the day' Mentality or the 'no bother' culture is only very marginal, "said Thomas Schwabl, Managing Director of Marktagent.com, who carried out the survey, summarizing the results.

Music has a very high priority in the life of 14 to 29 year olds. 61.5 percent of respondents talk about bands or songs at least once a week. On average, 32.4 percent of those surveyed listen to music for one hour a day. The radio (46.6 percent) is the most popular music source, followed by cell phones and smartphones (29.1 percent). 35.4 percent of young people have 50 tracks saved on their cell phones.

The results come from the Youth Trend Monitor 2013 of the Austrian youth and event marketing agency Doc-LX. Over 2,500 people between the ages of 14 and 29 were interviewed online for the study.

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