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The best sedans 2021

What distinguishes a representative limousine

A few years ago the streetscape was still heavily influenced by limousines, but recently their sales figures have fallen significantly. This is mainly due to the SUV boom that the automotive industry is currently experiencing. The classic sedan in a modern design also offers a number of advantages over SUVs. Because of their lower center of gravity, they are far more manoeuvrable, they are more stable on the road and, because of their lower weight, consume less fuel.


A limousine must ...

  • offer a good selection of engines.
  • be comfortable even in the basic version.
  • have an extensive selection of optional extras.
  • also offer enough space for adults in the rear.
  • are characterized by a modern and simple design.


Notchback or hatchback?

Visually, the two variants make a big difference, of course, but it doesn't just depend on visual preferences whether you opt for a sedan with a notchback or a hatchback. The space available and the necessary flexibility in the interior also play an important role.

A sedan with a notchback basically consists of three boxes: engine compartment, interior, trunk. All three parts are clearly separated from each other. The big advantage of this is that what is in the trunk stays there, does not fly uncontrollably onto the occupants in the event of an accident and does not affect them in any other way during the journey (for example through noises or smells). When using heating or air conditioning, the desired temperature is reached more quickly because the passenger compartment is much smaller.

In contrast, a hatchback sedan simply offers more space. The back seat or individual seats can be folded down or moved lengthways and there is the option of through-loading. This turns the entire interior into a luggage compartment with maximum flexibility in every situation.


A touch of luxury

Let's not kid ourselves: If you choose a limousine, you don't just want to have a wheelchair, you also want to enjoy that certain something in luxury. Or a lot of it. Most models already offer comfortable equipment in the basic version, which can be expanded almost at will with the right budget. Incidentally, this applies not only to small amenities such as a good sound system, but also to additional packages for more security. With a limousine you have the right and spacious car for the demands of everyday life and also make a good impression in business life.