How often do you exercise cardio

One of the most frequently asked questions during our consultations is how often you do EMS training. There is no general answer to this question and it depends largely on the state of fitness and health. For newcomers, we recommend a maximum of one EMS training session per week. In this phase it is necessary to test how the body reacts to the training and how quickly it regenerates. The stress in the 20-minute units is extremely high and the body must first adjust to it. After this adjustment phase, the personal trainer will continue the training units in close consultation with you. Normally you train 1-2 times a week with an interval of at least 2-3 days after an EMS training session. It is important that the training always remains pleasant and effective. Our experienced personal trainers will slowly introduce you to the training so that you achieve maximum success! It is also important to know that EMS training is not the same as EMS training. In addition to classic EMS strength training, you can also do EMS cardio training or EMS supported metabolism training with the shape converter.

Combine EMS training with other sports

It is also interesting to ask whether you do other sports in addition to EMS training? Do you go jogging regularly? Do you play soccer, handball or volleyball? Or do you also go to a "normal" gym on the side? What exactly makes the most sense for you and how you can get even more performance out of yourself with the right diet, we would be happy to tell you in an initial consultation in one of our shape converter studios in Berlin. We look forward to your visit with us soon!