How do you make yourself accessible

An: e activist: in asks: "How can we as a group remain accessible to new members?"

The hardest part of all is to remove hurdles that are outside of your field of vision: For example, someone who lives outside and has no money for a train ticket does not even appear at your place. If you don't have the internet, you don't use your online tool. If you have to look after a large family at home, you don't have time to get involved. Those who do not understand your language (s) do not even know that you exist. Those who have an uncertain residence status can often not afford to be activist. And those who have experienced discrimination, violence and stigmatization may not feel welcome or safe in your environment. You may not have all that and much more on your screen, especially if you are more fortunate and privileged yourself - that could mean, for example: white, man, German-speaking, academics: in, Swiss passport, savings account.

By the way, accessibility always has its limits: If you don't follow the house rules, you'll be kicked out. Anyone who endangers the safety of others is not welcome - especially in rooms that explicitly want to create a safe framework for specific groups. And where secret information is exchanged, where for example protests or strategies against repression are concocted, understandably not everyone is allowed to read along or overhear.

It is difficult or even impossible to be open to "everyone". Those who want to be particularly accessible to certain groups automatically exclude others, consciously or unconsciously. And don't be angry with yourself if the accessibility doesn't always work out. Because even if you've thought of everything and done everything: Sometimes people just don't feel like taking part - you don't always have either!