Is the USS Eldridge actually gone?

Mystery: Could the U.S. Navy teleport an entire ship?

During the Second World War, an entire ship and crew allegedly disappeared in the USA. But where - and why actually? Even scientists like Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla are said to have tested the U.S. Navy accompanied. The "Philadelphia Experiment" is a legend for which there is even said to have been an eyewitness.

A green glow in the thick fog and a bright flash - suddenly the destroyer "USS Eldridge" had disappeared. What remained were his tracks in the water and a stunned eyewitness. 18-year-old sailor Carl Meredith Allen was on another ship and did not believe what he had seen. 15 minutes later he was even more amazed: Another lightning bolt appeared in the sky - and the 93 meter long and 11.23 meter wide ship was there again.

This unbelievable story is said to have happened in Philadelphia at the end of October 1943. But it was even more mysterious: Because at the same time the "USS Eldridge" is said to have been seen in the naval base in Norfolk - 370 kilometers away. How could that be? Had the ship somehow been teleported? But by whom - and why?

Legend has it that only 21 of the 181 crew members survived the strange incident. Tremendous energies were released, as a result of which many men were burned and then fused with the steel of the ship, it is said. The survivors are said to have suffered severe psychological damage. If they did not die of their terrible ailments, rumor has it that they will simply have vanished into thin air.

The army allegedly tested "stealth technology"

The eyewitness Carl Allen survived - and made the strange event public. It later became known as the "Philadelphia Experiment". However, for the time being, Allen kept his story to himself. It was not until 1955, twelve years after the alleged incident, that he turned to the astrophysicist and controversial UFO researcher Morris K. Jessup. He was convinced that extraterrestrials were active on earth and were teaching people future technology. He explained this on the basis of a thesis unfinished by Albert Einstein. The sailor was impressed and wrote a letter to Jessup. The "theories from your book" have long been "reality", it said there.

In further news, Allen then described what and who, in his opinion, was behind the Philadelphia experiment: the U.S. Navy. During the test they wanted to try the "stealth technique" for the first time. This was supposed to make huge objects invisible. The army carried out research in this area because it wanted to protect ships with magneto-ignition from German torpedoes during World War II. This was the opinion of Allen. The "USS Eldridge" had been equipped with huge generators in Philadelphia for this purpose. These should ensure a strong magnetic force field and ultimately the invisibility of the ship.

It is actually true that the American military was looking for a weapon against magneto ignition. According to Allen, there were two geniuses behind the research: Einstein named in Jessup's book and Nikola Tesla. During their experimental set-up, they accidentally came across the possibility of teleportation. However, the secret experiment then went wrong.

The mysterious death of the ufologist

In his last interview before his death in 1994, eyewitness Carl Allen stated cryptically: "There are things about the Philadelphia Experiment that I will never say and will take with me to the grave. The government protects me very well." The death of the ufologist Jessup was also puzzling: he is said to have committed suicide in 1959. According to the police report, however, this was unusually professionally prepared.

The day before, Jessup is said to have handed over his documents on the Philadelphia Experiment to a colleague with the following words: "In the event that something happens to me. I now have groundbreaking findings about the Philadelphia Experiment." Taking your own life after making such discoveries is strange.

Facts that speak against the experiment

Secret experiments with high-ranking researchers that have never been made public: That sounds like a hit for conspiracy theorists.

But there are a few facts that speak against the theory of the alleged eyewitness. For example, Tesla died in January 1943. At least at the end of the experiment, he may no longer have participated. And the pacifist Einstein was never directly involved in military projects.

In addition, why were there no other witnesses for such a spectacular major event, why did no one directly involved never speak up? Allen himself was apparently not sure either: he revoked his statements several times. Jessup's death may not have been as strange as it first sounds: his divorce, professional failures, and an excruciatingly slow healing process after a car accident could also have been the trigger for such an act of desperation.

What the U.S. Navy says to the legend

The U.S. Navy, according to official sources, Carl Allen's claims were a mystery. She described the sailor as a liar who only wanted to earn money with his imaginative stories. The generators he mentioned had no place on the ship, it was said. No traces of such a fatal accident were found on the Eldridge either. After all, the ship was in service until 1951 before it was handed over to the Greek Navy.

The Navy claimed: The Philadelphia Experiment never existed, it is fictitious. As evidence, the "Naval Historical Center" published the logbooks of the "USS Eldridge". This indicated that the ship had not been in Philadelphia on the date mentioned. Incidentally, not even Carl Allen himself should have been there at the time, but on the high seas.

Delusions or veiled teleportation?

Was it possible that the young sailor was delusional? Comrades called him confused but intelligent. Conspiracy theorists, however, have believed in its story for many years. They believe that the American government was trying to keep a newly discovered technology a secret. It doesn't bother them that all the alleged evidence could be refuted.

Physics provides the most important argument against the sailor's theses and the Philadelphia experiment. To date, scientists have not been able to teleport items from one place to another - let alone giant warships.

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