What is rehabilitation in special education

Special Education and Rehabilitation Sciences
(Master of Arts)

Brief description

The tiered system of special educational support measures in Germany ranges from inclusive and / or integrated support to individualized measures in special special educational or clinical facilities. Special pedagogues clarify in each individual case where the best possible support can be guaranteed, coordinate the necessary measures and also carry them out themselves.

The master’s degree in Special Education and Rehabilitation Sciences includes a specific qualification in the study focus “Learning Support and Educational Aid” or “Language and Communication Therapy” and enables the scientific examination of practice-relevant research issues in extracurricular special educational fields of activity. The areas of diagnostics as well as intervention and evaluation are in the foreground in both areas. In Hanover, special attention is also paid to the area of ​​research theories and research methods.

The offers for scientific research methods as well as the involvement of students in current research projects related to the specialty education at the Institute for Special Education ensure an education with a high theoretically reflected practical component, a reflected examination of research results and the gathering of own research experience.

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