Can razor blades be recycled?

Dispose of razor blades properly

People shave a lot in summer. That is why tons of unusable razor blades are produced around the world every day. But one question is not clear to many and the answer will certainly cause amazement: How do I properly dispose of razor blades? Can you put razor blades in the residual waste bin or in the plastic waste? We explain once and for all in our guide and hope that you will dispose of your used razor blades properly next time.

Separate metal and plastic?

Anyone who has ever seen a razor blade will surely have noticed that two different materials were used. So the blade or the blades themselves are made from Metal, the case, however Plastic. As we were told in the nursery, you should separate the garbage and in this case the metal would have to be disposed of separately, while the plastic housing should be put in the yellow bag.

Waste separation impossible - what to do?

Without harming yourself or complex tool To use, it is extremely difficult to disassemble the razor blade, so it should be disposed of in one place. But what do you do with the mixed garbage?

Opinions differ as to which bin the blades should go into. We believe that the residual waste is just right. However, there are different regulations in different countries, which is why you can also use the plastic waste in some cases.

Beware of loose razor blades:

Those who still use the classic single blades should be a little careful. After all, the small blades are still extremely sharp and there is accordingly a risk of injury. So that nobody can get injured by it, it offers itself to the loose razor blades in a way to pack. Paper or the original packaging for the razor blades can be used for this. After all, these are often delivered in a plastic tray.

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