How do rats get into my garden

Drive away rats

If only a few rats have infested your house, you can usually drive them away yourself without any major problems. One Exterminator you only need it in the case of a larger infestation.

If you want to drive away the animals, are Traps alivethe right choice. You bring captured rats to a distant place, where you release them again. If you are too close to your house, the rat will find its way back quickly.

The disadvantage of live traps is that rats will recognize and avoid them after a while. Exterminators use the traps for control after a successful mission. If a rodent locks itself in the trap, the pest controller has to take action against the animals again.

You can also fight rats with Snap trapsunless it is a protected rat species. But these only help against smaller rat families or solitary animals. The trap has a tensionable metal bracket that snaps shut on contact. The bracket breaks the animal's neck quickly and painlessly. However, conspecifics may also get used to this type of trap and then avoid it.

For example, it also helps against individual animalsRat poison. However, you are allowed to do this never use against any of the endangered rat species. In groups, rats quickly learn what is unhealthy for them. Therefore, keep poisoned bait in new places. It also makes sense to change the type of poison from time to time. As a private user, you are allowed to use the active ingredients to poison Chlorophacinone, coumatetralyl and Warfarin respectively Sodium warfarin to buy.

Note:Do not make poison baits or water traps yourself. They violate the animal welfare law, which makes you criminal.

If the rat infestation is severe, seek advice from an exterminator instead. They can recommend suitable traps and poisons for you. But make sure that the expert actually does harmless means used.