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Stand out, somehow. This is the iron rule for everyone who wants to achieve something in Los Angeles, and seen in this way, the former actress and current Duchess Meghan, who has lived there since last summer, has recently done a lot right. There was the joint interview with her husband Prince Harry about the grievances in the British royal family, which not only caused trouble with the family by marriage, but also tireless mobbing by professional chick Piers Morgan. After she had a lawsuit in the UK with the Mail on Sunday won, she now takes on the paparazzi in Los Angeles. She sued the Splash News & Picture Agency for selling photos from a trip in Canada. The company has filed for bankruptcy protection because it was unable to service a nearly $ 1 million loan due to the high cost of the litigation.

The corona crisis is not an easy time for paparazzi, as Splash boss Emma Curzon writes in a statement: "Because of the global pandemic, there is less material, the media budgets have shrunk." Celebrities also have to stay at home, and when they do go out, they usually have a mask on. The result is that they are simply no longer so easily recognized; Even the unmistakable total work of art Cher wrote on Instagram: "I can go to the weekly market, to the jeweler, to the doctor - and nobody knows who I am."

During protests against racism and police violence last summer, the paparazzi despaired because they simply did not recognize stars such as singer Pink, actress Zoƫ Kravitz or basketball player Steph Curry. In the fall, Brad Pitt took food in the truck to the needy in LA, a must-see paparazzi appointment - one that everyone missed because no one saw the masked guy behind the wheel was one of the most famous actors in the world. Celebrity fitness trainer Dion Jackson says he can now get his clients, which include Jennifer Lopez, Dustin Hoffman and Alicia Silverstone in shape, in Hollywood Hills parks or on the beach. "It is more difficult to recognize people," says photographer Randy Bauer: "We now have to identify them using typical gestures or the voice."

By the way, Splash dances under the limbo, which is often already low among paparazzi. The company not only photographs celebrities, but even sues them if they dare to share the paparazzi photo of themselves on their own social media channels. Football star Odell Beckham Jr. was supposed to transfer $ 40,000, and singer Jessica Simpson even $ 150,000. Duchess Meghan is likely to have caused glee among numerous celebrities in LA, and she remains in the collective memory. Stand out, somehow.

There are celebs who like to help paparazzi despite being required to wear masks and who have discovered a source of income for themselves: Actress Busy Philipps advertises masks by designer Lele Sadoughi, Jessica Alba the in-house creations of her company Honest. Comedian Steve Martin, on the other hand, held up a sign with his name on it so that no one would miss it despite the mask. There is one thing that celebs like even less than being recognized: Not to be recognized.